Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wood and Glass

If I'm not searching for oil paintings, books, small statues, and pottery, it's wood and glass objects. Actually it's anything that speaks to me and preferably at a bargain price. I picked up this wood piece at Goodwill for three dollars. It still had its MaLeck Woodcrafts Wingate, N. C. , tag on it. If I remember correctly these woodcraft pieces were rather popular in the seventies.

 I knew how I wanted to use this wood piece with the slanted shelves. It would work as a storage unit for some under-the-sink toiletries. It would probably look more feminine if it was painted, but I'm inclined to stay with the original design.

My other find was a glass bottle. A paper print of an old family picture may get tucked inside. I like putting something inside bottles or under cloches.

The grandkids are back in school so it has been quiet around here. I started a Danielle Steel book. I haven't read one of her novels in years. This one came out in 2009. So far I'm enjoying Matters of the Heart.

1 comment:

Joy said...

Will look forward to seeing your bottle. I've never read any DS...should I? Happy Day!


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