Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Kitchen Organization

Even though our kitchen is small, I like to decorate within it. It is challenging to work in the nonessentials with the necessary. I've also been cleaning out messy cabinets and drawers, rearranging, and organizing

 I like coffee and coffee cups and mugs. You cannot see them clearly in this photo, but I have some green ones from the seventies.

Plastic tops and bottoms are paired for the time being.

 Bamboo tray is holding vitamins and a few medicines.
Wood tray corrals measuring cups and spoons.

Everyday silverware from Walmart is a new purchase.
The green handles won me over!

The three tier stand beside the refrigerator is put to good use. The wooden bowl has a variety of candy for grandkids and grownups, the basket has napkins and Kleenex, and the tan round bowl is where I keep onions.

By the door that leads to the garage I have two picnic baskets that hold supplies like paper towels. The wood box from my Indiana trip keeps my sunglasses handy, and the Coffee House sign does the same for my keys.

If you were here, I'd offer you a cup of coffee or something else.
Hope my kitchen tour was not too boring. It's certainly not a dream kitchen, but it's a homey space. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Coloring A White Canvas

For several days I've been working over in the art room on one picture. 

For some of the white blossoms I used a round lid I had rolled around in the paint.

At Lucy Flea Market this week I found the rack with five bottles.
Extra bottles for water means fewer trips to the sink.  

I think it's done!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Decisions, decisions

Often when I'm at an antique mall I spot something and can't make my mind up as to what to do - purchase, not purchase, wait. This happened to me recently at  Midsouth Marketplace. I saw a small painting for five dollars and chose to wait. However, the next day I returned to purchase.

I wanted to cover a water damaged place on  the den wall. For too long I've looked at those dark water stains and despised them. This picture worked out nicely below the opening with the folk art shorebirds.

 There's a lot to see at Marketplace. I hope people will check it out and also visit Plantation Antiques and Collectibles.  Having two antique malls in Millington is heavenly for those of us who like browsing for old and unusual things.

 Several booths had constructed mantels to add interest to their space. 

Another purchase that I had to think about was a set of vintage trouser hangers. Again I waited an extra day before making up my mind. Sometimes this backfires when that something sells and is gone. One day I might use all three in a grouping, but for now I'm using just one over in the art room.

This journal page came about today as I was using the last bit of paint from four bottles. I still like printmaking using wood blocks, round lids, and whatever else is available. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

My Happy Space

I have been reading and doing the exercises in this book.
The upside down drawings were difficult to do.
But they worked!

The material in this book is very fascinating. I'm on page 85 and its last paragraph says -

"Our job now is to bring this state into clearer focus and under greater conscious control, in order to take advantage of the right hemisphere's superior ability to process visual information and to increase your ability to make the cognitive shift to R-mode at will."

Well, the volume has 274 pages so it will be interesting to see what is next.

Meanwhile I keep painting for enjoyment.
This one is entitled "After All."
That song by Cher and Peter Cetera was the love theme 
from the movie Chances Are.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


They are here and there throughout my home. For instance:

Candlesticks, actually bobbins, are inside a basket my Aunt Clara Belle 
gave me on my recent visit. She emptied out her yarn and fabric because she wanted to give me something. You may remember it from this photo of the spinning wheel.

  I like to use this wooden bowl for special memory items.
Years ago I painted the ice cream cone and ladybug rocks.
The shoe rock is another old favorite.
A few are ones my mother collected from vacation trips. 

books and paintings

bowls and pitchers

tiny candleholders

Collecting has been a part of my life for a very long time. It still brings me pleasure to go searching for a special find.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Week That Was

This past week has been a mix of emotions. On Tuesday afternoon I had an emergency situation concerning my husband. But thankfully there was a happy ending. Our anniversary was on Thursday, and appreciation for our 28 years couldn't have been greater. Then Saturday night we were together for his 55th class reunion.

Corkey had told me "no cards" this anniversary. So I happened upon something else. 

Small wooden plaque for his desk and one for mine

Monday, June 5, 2017

A Message on Monday

Thought I'd say hello with a photo. 

It is sometimes odd how we acquire things. The glass hand and ring beloved to my brother's wife Carolyn.  At one time she sold vintage jewelry on eBay. The Texas bracelet was a gift from Pennee and her friends Marissa and Jessica. The book in the background was given to me by my mother.  

I have been messing around with paints, or you could call it painting. 

This picture makes me feel happy.
Hope you feel it, too.


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