Saturday, June 17, 2017

Decisions, decisions

Often when I'm at an antique mall I spot something and can't make my mind up as to what to do - purchase, not purchase, wait. This happened to me recently at  Midsouth Marketplace. I saw a small painting for five dollars and chose to wait. However, the next day I returned to purchase.

I wanted to cover a water damaged place on  the den wall. For too long I've looked at those dark water stains and despised them. This picture worked out nicely below the opening with the folk art shorebirds.

 There's a lot to see at Marketplace. I hope people will check it out and also visit Plantation Antiques and Collectibles.  Having two antique malls in Millington is heavenly for those of us who like browsing for old and unusual things.

 Several booths had constructed mantels to add interest to their space. 

Another purchase that I had to think about was a set of vintage trouser hangers. Again I waited an extra day before making up my mind. Sometimes this backfires when that something sells and is gone. One day I might use all three in a grouping, but for now I'm using just one over in the art room.

This journal page came about today as I was using the last bit of paint from four bottles. I still like printmaking using wood blocks, round lids, and whatever else is available. 

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mary Eldred said...

Love the journal page. I too have wanted to hand something from a pants hanger. I still use them to hang Sam's jeans! I love the look you achieved.


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