Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Good-bye, March

March has been a rough month due to erratic weather, loss of a pet, and sickness. Maybe in April my health will get back on track. Things I had hoped to do inside the house as well as outside had to be put on hold. Tiring of the brass deer and wooden houses on the mantel, I switched to bottles and books. Sometimes small changes can lift one's mood.

Faithful plants in the backyard are showing their spring colors.

Corkey and I are missing Spice. He chose to explore beyond our front porch, the shed, and yard. Sadly his life ended on the road in front of our property.

A follow-up doctor's appointment is necessary tomorrow. I am so ready to feel like myself again. 

Hello, April

Friday, March 20, 2015

Only Objects but Full of Meaning

"These are my treasures, and I love them all...they fill my home with mirth."
-George E. Davenport

artist Cheryl Lane

Small framed art came from Frisco Mercantile in Texas. It made me think of spring.

Sign and C letter(cut from a Reader's Digest) were other Mercantile finds.
Lauren, Pennee, and I were together for a short afternoon shopping excursion to check out this one store. It was an enjoyable hour that lingers as a memory.

My Willow Tree collection got a new member on Monday. On that day I met Alice and Carla in Jackson for lunch at The Carriage House Tearoom. They stunned me with a surprise gift. It's the seated Mother and Daughter figurine, second one from the left. They explained it was given in memory of my mother and for the close bond she and I shared. 

This flower frog with the pink embellishments was a sweet little find at Yarbro's Antique Mall in Jackson.

In the background is a Goodwill find. The file rack holds sets of tags.

frames over in the studio

Bird girl statue may soon leave the art room for a spot in the garden.

Today is the first day of spring. Hooray!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Days

We made weekend memories in Texas. Time with Les and Pennee, Lauren, and  little Kiera and Chloe was time well spent. 

Les gave us a tour of Fusion Academy where he is the director. It's an amazing
facility with classrooms, homework cafes, recording studio, science lab, art room, and offices. A second floor was recently completed.

A mall visit included a photo session that was a complete surprise, sweet shop with all kinds of goodies, and the bookstore. Les and Pennee presented us with a framed portrait of Corkey and me with our granddaughters Kiera and Chloe. The girls were adorable in their colorful outfits. 

While at their lovely home I snapped picture after picture of the girls. Kiera loves to dress up; Chloe not so much. 

Pennee and I worked on Easter pictures with the girls. Kiera's hand and toe prints are in pink, and Chloe's are white. Kiera's foot was also painted for the carrot. The project required a couple of sessions due to drying stages.

 Suggestions and assistance on the gallery art wall may have helped Pennee and Les get a little closer to completion. When it is finished, it will be an eye-catching display near the kitchen breakfast area.

Lauren adores her nieces, and they love the attention she gives them. 

Time with family is priceless.

Hope you had a happy weekend with family, too. Until next time, be well.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Blanket of White

It helps to have a good book on a snow day.
Have a peaceful Thursday.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Winter's Return

I can hear the sleet falling this evening, and the late night hours are expected to bring additional sleet and snow.

Meanwhile I want to share a recent Goodwill find. The phrases drew my attention plus I happen to like alphabet-related items.

Made a visit by the booth on Monday. Came to this conclusion: time to get busy and bring new stuff for March.

These two are budding artists and such sweet boys.


Glad I saved these Crayola products. The 1976 Crayola stands were from my teaching days. Lucas thought they were dandy. Nicolas liked the 1978 Crayola Caddy that once belonged to my son Ryan. Lauren also had one; of course, I kept hers, too. 

Time to wrap up this entry and call it a day.

Monday, March 2, 2015

A March Hello

Today was a major errand day since white stuff is in the forecast for Tuesday night and Wednesday. 

Had a fine ride to Hobby Lobby this morning. Loving my new Jeep Cherokee more and more but still miss the older Jeep Liberty I drove for years. What fun to use my Christmas gift card from Lauren! 

After a soup and salad lunch at home Corkey and I decided to pay a few bills this afternoon. In the car we received a wonderful cell phone call from Lester.He's now Dr. Clowes! He successfully defended his dissertation in the field of education at the University of Southern California. We're definitely proud of his accomplishment. 

Did you see Downton Abbey's final episode of the season? Ah, Christmas in March. Loved it! 


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