Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Here at the House

I don't have anything newsworthy to write about but wanted to say hello and wish you well this week. I've been shuffling pieces around, baking, and making a set of tags for a friend.

I tried the sentiment stand under the cloche and liked it .
The urn has a bird perched on top of the books instead of a deer.

This piece(not sure what you call it)came out of hiding. It had been on a shelf in my husband's closet for months.  

She's been in several different locations around the house. She's  now standing beside the old clock in the living room.

I'm so glad someone gave her up so I could enjoy her.

From top of the piano to the floor...now serving as a doorstop

Wish these chocolate nut wafers could taste like my grandmother's...sadly they don't even come close.  

Hope I haven't bored you with my Tuesday tidbits. Very soon I am going to need an antiquing day for the thrill of browsing and maybe finding a special little something in need of a new home.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Books and magazines

There are books that I delve into again and again. Two are below. They offer  page after page of good stuff.

The same is true of a select group of magazines. I refer to them time and time again. Today while buying groceries I checked out the magazine aisle. I gave in and bought this

...even though I told myself the other day when I first spotted it and glanced through its pages in the store that I wouldn't pay the price.  Good thing it's a keeper!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I wanted to clear out a lot of clutter over the winter months, but it didn't happen.

I found it really difficult to make decisions about items from the past.

I have kept way too many letters, notes and cards, scrapbooks, and mementoes.

For the time being it is an unfinished task that may never get done. 

May you have happy memories of yesterday and today,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


 golden feather ornament

butterfly gift from my brother

locket, pins, tags, ornament, photo, candleholder

maternal grandparents...wish I could have known them at this age
How precious are the memories of times spent with my Granny and PaPa.


Fond memories are stirred by this one photo.
In my paternal grandparents' front yard was this wonderful swing.

More and more I like to display personal objects that hold memories. Although some remain tucked away in boxes, desk drawers, and jewelry cases, these keepsakes are out where I can see them on a daily basis.    

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Have a Sweet Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Saturday, February 11, 2012


How are you? I hope I heard you say "Fine." After a few errands in the cold and wind I'm glad to be back home with my book and a cup of coffee. I am in the middle of Jodi Picoult's Change Of Heart. The bookmark holding my place has one of my very favorite quotes. You may remember it 'cause I've shared it before. 

                                                     save time
                                                     for books







I'd love to know about your Saturday dreams or plans. Sometimes I wonder if you are there.  

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back to the Shops

Sometimes you are unable to get something off your mind. That's the way I was about the mirror I spotted in January. My friend Linda and I had a shopping day so guess where I headed my car. The mirror was still there, but it did not have quite the same power over me. I believe this second trip to check it out will put my mind at rest. A clock I had admired on my previous visit had a sale sticker on it. This older steeple clock had been converted to a battery-operated one. Reduced from thirty dollars to eighteen. I was thrilled to get it home, find a place for it on the hutch, see it keeping perfect time with the pendulum swinging, and have my husband like it.  

Besides the clock I brought home a small cloth box and a pewter-looking compote.

Picture it with a white doily and red Valentine candies.

Browsing and treasure hunting...the best sort of therapy.   

Monday, February 6, 2012

Popping In

It was a wonderful weekend. On Saturday friends took us to their son's home in Haywood County. We had a home tour of a two-story historical home built in 1825. Oh, it was simply amazing! Authentic antiques, artifacts, collections...a feast for the eyes! I wanted to snap pictures, but since it was a private home and my first time there, I didn't have the nerve to ask. You'll have to trust me on this.
It was one of the most beautiful houses I've ever seen. The couple had lovingly and correctly restored parts of the house and searched for unique pieces to complement the different rooms. Dinner out at a fine restaurant was the perfect ending to the evening. Sunday was church and later an unforgettable Super Bowl game. 

Today I carried items to the booth and happily discovered that five things had sold over the weekend. I also spent time with my mom. She continues to know me, and that is such a blessing.   


Hope your week is off to a great start.


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