Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Switching Places

That's what I did today with lots of pictures around the house. Turned out to be a  rather challenging task   but worth it in the end. Gunner and Nicolas were here and stretched out at different times on the couch. The two brothers played musical chairs with the den furniture...constantly switching places. After lunch I carried a few things to the booth and switched the merchandise around to give the space a different look. Then it was on to the nursing home to see Mother. Parent/child relationship switch...a tough one to handle. In the early evening our daughter came by for a tearful last visit before switching her residence from Memphis to Austin.  A full day. Lots of emotions. Time to switch off the light and put my thoughts to bed.    

Monday, July 23, 2012

Picture in a Bottle

I have a big interest in bottles right now. All kinds of bottles and jars. Even though my photography is not the greatest, I wanted to share this particular picture. An old family photo of four siblings. My dad is the younger fellow. Placing a picture inside a glass object seems to make it  more important.  I know I love having it out and like looking at this captured moment. Wish I could have seen him interact with family and friends back then. Sometimes we tend to forget that our parents had childhood experiences that shaped them into the unique individuals they became.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

No Theme...Just Hello

Thought it was time to check in and say hello. I made a quick stop by the antique store to check on something I wanted and found it SOLD. It was an outside item...a small concrete birdbath at a decent price. Why do I do that? Why haven't I learned to snag it while it's right there in front of my eyes. Oh well, that's that. My own booth had some missing items. Love to see which particular items have sold. This time it was Holly Hobbie plates, some vintage jewelry pieces, and a simple front porch type rocking chair. 


Thursday, July 5, 2012

An Art Find

I was just about to leave The Marketplace empty-handed when I decided to flip through a pile of framed pictures. One caused me to pause. I liked it, but wasn't committed to a purchase until I saw the price on the back of the canvas. Seven dollars was certainly affordable. Now I liked the picture more than before. And now that I have it home I am very happy with it. It's propped up in my studio room awaiting a decision about hanging.

 The large frame alone is worth the seven dollars.

Corrick '79, your painting reminds me of picturesque little towns,
summertime, and jaunty strolls along sidewalks or a boardwalk.


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