Thursday, May 23, 2013

Home Therapy

When I'm over in the "studio" the cares of the world melt away. Puttering is excellent therapy for me.

I pulled out clippings and rubber stamps and started playing around with different combinations. Haven't decided on a final arrangement for the tags in this set.
These three rubber stamps came from a sale bin at Hobby Lobby. So looking forward to the Cavallini Stamp Kit I won on eBay...coming all the way from Bend, Oregon.
I'm always collecting word snippets and quotes.
I am thinking of you
am glad
you stopped by. 


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

House, Home, Haven


I've been looking at my personal things with a new appreciation. Just to view the devastation of homes in Moore, Oklahoma, is disturbing. I cannot imagine what those families are feeling and suffering...especially those who have lost a loved one. 

Household objects can be replaced, but to lose cherished family items would be awful. For instance, that Bible at the bottom of the stack belonged to my mother. I remember sitting beside her in church and watching her use that large volume. As a little girl I was very impressed by its tabs and pictures. The other two Bibles were early gifts from my parents. Inside are inscriptions in my mother's lovely handwriting. There would be no way to replace them if a violent tornado swept them away. So tonight I look around our house and am thankful for it and its contents.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Thought I'd Share

Latest Tag Art Collections

I was trying out different backgrounds for this set.
I'm always drawn to bird images.
I am bidding on a new set of bird stamps on eBay. Hope I win!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


It has been a while since I have made tags. For inspiration
I put up Colette's tags on my studio bulletin board.
From her I ordered my first set of art tags.
She was the one who got me hooked on creating tags.

Since then
I've enjoyed selling 
as well as giving them away.

sweet little blooms on studio desk
 printmaking blooms using paper towels, spool, and pipe cleaner
Mother's Day blooms from son Jason
These wrapped ink pen blooms came from daughter-in-law Pennee as part of a Mother's Day surprise in the mail.
I hope your Mother's Day was lovely. Mine was. I was treated to a delicious meal and received a three-piece exercise oufit, a photo album, gift card to dinner out, special cards, and phone calls.
Thankfully I was able to spend another Mother's Day with mine.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Walk Outside


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wistful Wednesday

Not too long ago Susan Branch had a blog entry about sentimental charm they can be a scrapbook of our lives. I have two bracelets, my mother's and mine. The discovery I made was that I didn't know about a few of the charms. In the case of my bracelet, I was able to look through some old journal pages from 1966 and learn who gave me the Class of 66 charm and why I bought a wishbone and a pilot wheel. 

My mother's bracelet will forever retain a mystery or two. I never thought to document charms until recently. I have taken  pages in my Simple Journaling notebook to tell about both chains of tokens.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Feeling Good


Making a TO DO list and checking off completed items is such a happiness booster. That's why this Thursday has been a good one.  

 This is the view out my kitchen window. Yeah for plants!

I had some time today over in the art room. Someone had asked me to do a calligraphy inscription. Since I had used up all my ink cartridges, a trip to Hobby Lobby(yesterday)  was necessary and  relaxing . That's my Sheaffer pen in a painted scrabble rack. 

I had a little visitor in the art studio.
paints, stamp, and paper cutouts
Never Despair

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fade Away

I am realizing that many memories I have will fade away with me...because they are only significant to me. Some of my very own past history is foggy. For instance, the name and face of the playmate who gave me this little Blue Willow plate are long forgotten. She and I were casual acquaintances long ago in Eunice, Louisiana. She lived down the street from me, and our circumstances were very different. My parents were renting a small house since our stay in Eunice was temporary. I vaguely remember playing outside a large rundown house and that the yard was bare dirt.  Odd that she bestowed upon me this treasure. She must have had a very generous spirit.    

To this day it bugs me that I can't remember the person who shared this with me.  Will all the loose ends one day connect? Will all the details of one's life story be pieced together for a true composite of what took place? 
Hopefully the names, places, and experiences I do remember will stay with me. Alzheimer's is a robber of memories. Huge pieces have been taken from my mother's life story. To remember is not possible for her anymore. But she continues to be my one and only Mom, lovely and charming as ever.



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