Tuesday, May 21, 2013

House, Home, Haven


I've been looking at my personal things with a new appreciation. Just to view the devastation of homes in Moore, Oklahoma, is disturbing. I cannot imagine what those families are feeling and suffering...especially those who have lost a loved one. 

Household objects can be replaced, but to lose cherished family items would be awful. For instance, that Bible at the bottom of the stack belonged to my mother. I remember sitting beside her in church and watching her use that large volume. As a little girl I was very impressed by its tabs and pictures. The other two Bibles were early gifts from my parents. Inside are inscriptions in my mother's lovely handwriting. There would be no way to replace them if a violent tornado swept them away. So tonight I look around our house and am thankful for it and its contents.

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Andrea said...

Yes, some things cannot be replaced. Of course, life is the most important things, but some things are our touchstones, and it would hurt so much to lose them. My heart breaks for all of these people. And I think about the animals and wildlife too :(


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