Thursday, October 26, 2017

Home Scenes

They are viewed daily, and I never tire of them. I'm talking about things here at home that remind me of certain people and good times. This decorative pillow has the fall colors I love, but it stays out all year. A special friend by the name of Elaine gave it to me. I miss her company! We were teachers sharing many days at school. 

Barns and farmhouses are favorite themes in oil paintings I collect.

A bucket of pinecones and an old jug reveal my fondness for old things.

 I should use this desk more to write letters.
Is letter writing becoming a lost art?

I enjoyed an escape to Red Door Inn...

now I'm 
curious about the secrets of the new neighbor...

My guy...lost in the days of the Old West

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Thinking Out Loud

Sometimes I wish I was not such a sentimental person. Maybe then I would not have saved so much through the years. Even now it's hard to part with items from the past. But little by little I am cleaning out drawers and closets.

My love of brass continues. This tiny pineapple paperweight is quite heavy.

I also love glass containers with tealights. These three are on an aluminum tray, and I like how they glow.

I recently shared this tablescape photo on Instagram. This silvery tray sits on a small trunk in front of a sofa. Having special quotes in a compote is a great way to have them at your fingertips. Sometimes I need encouragement from the wise words of others.

"It was the late David Hicks, one of the most
 influential decorators of the 20th century, who coined the term 'tablescapes' to describe the display and arrangement of objects - often disparate - grouped together on a side table or some other low, relatively small surface."
-From the book accessorize your Home

Thank goodness for accessories, for it's these possessions that make our homes special. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Town Squares

Fall days are the perfect time to explore old town squares. Since I was in Covington to renew my car tag, this gave me an opportunity to stop by the square. Decorations of autumn flowers, pumpkins, and scarecrows were everywhere.

My favorite kind of sign!

 banners and huge hanging baskets on every lamppost

This sidewalk has long ago good memories for me.

Lots of scarecrow figures all around the square

Thanks for joining me in Covington, TN.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Time Gets Away

A few pictures that I'll explain as I go...

 I opened up a trunk a few weeks ago and rediscovered treasures I had stored.

The small Lane chest with hearts on top was a Mother's Day gift I once ordered and gave to my mother. After some deliberation I made the decision to put it in my booth. As I keep reminding myself, one cannot keep everything from the past.

 Made several cards this week and mailed them yesterday.

For some reason I am drawn to rabbits. The candle box with the rabbit on front belonged to my grandmother Clara Crum. This rabbit candleholder I passed up three different times before giving in. Happy to have it now as one of my newer treasures. One day these things will have other owners. Recycling at its best! I think that's why I like having a booth and enjoy shopping others' booths. Objects get a chance to have new homes.

These rabbits are on a top shelf in my closet. Don't look at the dust!
The figurine on the far right was one I gave to Ryan and Lauren's grandmother Xenia King. She was wonderful to watch and nurture my babies when I returned to work. After her passing that sweet little treasure came back to me.

My collection of globes has dwindled. One vintage lighted globe got broken, and another received too many dents from being dropped. 

 I still like this message from my college collage.
We're All On The Same Ball Of Dirt

It's time for the nations of the world to respect one another and protect this planet that we all share.

I saved some time tonight for blogging. Hope you didn't mind my ramblings.

Time keeps moving. 
It gets away before we can realize all our dreams and plans.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Studio Time

I worked with tiny frames and embellished them with background paper, scraps, or stamps. I used pages from an old shorthand book. I don't know how individuals were able to master shorthand.

I also like to put tags with flower frogs.
These and the small frames above are headed to the booth.

Redid my JOY sign.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Booth Time

I managed to get a few more selections out to Booth #89. It's a new month that will pass all too quickly. This copper bucket speaks autumn to me. But it may get passed over and hang there for months. That's part of the fun of having a booth -seeing what sells. 


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