Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Thinking Out Loud

Sometimes I wish I was not such a sentimental person. Maybe then I would not have saved so much through the years. Even now it's hard to part with items from the past. But little by little I am cleaning out drawers and closets.

My love of brass continues. This tiny pineapple paperweight is quite heavy.

I also love glass containers with tealights. These three are on an aluminum tray, and I like how they glow.

I recently shared this tablescape photo on Instagram. This silvery tray sits on a small trunk in front of a sofa. Having special quotes in a compote is a great way to have them at your fingertips. Sometimes I need encouragement from the wise words of others.

"It was the late David Hicks, one of the most
 influential decorators of the 20th century, who coined the term 'tablescapes' to describe the display and arrangement of objects - often disparate - grouped together on a side table or some other low, relatively small surface."
-From the book accessorize your Home

Thank goodness for accessories, for it's these possessions that make our homes special. 


mary Eldred said...

you are one special person. I love how you think

BitsAndPieces said...

That's because we are kindred spirits.
Lovely comment. Thanks!


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