Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Happiness

The rain had ended, and Halloween night was clear and mild with some wind to stir the leaves.



Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The mantel is decorated.

The candles are in place.


The candy has been purchased.
The carving is complete.

And now...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Carving Time

I almost hate to carve this lovely pumpkin. However, the grandsons have come to expect a different carving each year.
I like to do an opening on the bottom of the pumpkin. It is easy to sit the pumpkin over a candle or light.
Patterns make it possible to have special jack-o'-lanterns.
This one is from a Pumpkin Masters booklet and is titled Skeleteeth.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Young Artist

ART by Nicolas Clowes

His enthusiasm and concentration for art projects are A+.




Wednesday, October 23, 2013


You know that saying "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." Well, to fill you in, my mom fell in the early morning hours last Friday, requiring surgery late that afternoon. She broke the femur bone near her right hip and fractured her right wrist, too. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday we waited while she was recovered from the anesthesia. On Tuesday her eyes opened, and she asked, "What happened to me?" Those were four of the dearest words I've ever heard. Mother also spoke my name.

She is back at the nursing home and doing as well as possible with her injuries. We know from the orthopedic surgeon that the outlook is not good for someone her age and also with Alzheimer's. But she continues to amaze. 

Today she talked many times about going home. I finally asked, "Do you mean your heavenly home?" She promptly said, "No, I'm not ready to go there yet!"

Many on the staff came by to welcome her back. She kept them smiling with her remarks. Hopefully pain control and comfort management will keep Mother's spirits up.  

And so life goes on...

Monday, October 14, 2013

October Orange

  What Is Orange?
  Orange is a tiger lily,
  A carrot,
  A feather from
  A parrot,
  A flame,
  The wildest color
  You can name,
  Orange is a happy day
  Saying good-by
  In a sunset that
  Shocks the sky. 
  Orange is brave
  Orange is bold
  It's bittersweet
  And marigold.
  Orange is zip
  Orange is dash
  The brightest stripe
  In a Roman sash.
  Orange is an orange
  Also a mango
  Orange is music
  Of the tango.
  Orange is the fur
  Of the fiery fox,
  The brightest crayon
  In the box.
  And in the fall
  When the leaves are turning
  Orange is the smell
  Of a bonfire burning. . . .
                         -Mary O'Neill 

In each photo there's a little something I found on Friday's Jackson trip. Bargain hunting is such fun. I'd love to do it every day!
Top: the small gourd with leaves and acorns design
Middle: cream-colored compote
Bottom: fake book on the far right that opens for storage 
               * I pulled off plastic flowers to show the title 
                  The Poems of Robert Browning                         

Friday, October 11, 2013

Tired Eyes

Had perfect weather for a driving excursion to Jackson, TN, my old stomping grounds from college days. Met two friends for lunch at Rafferty's. We ordered our usual-delicious combination of soup and house salad served with a croissant. This time we didn't get to shop together. One friend had an afternoon doctor's appointment, and the other had Old Hickory Mall shopping to do. I had free time to check out two of my favorite places in Jackson. 

There was no way to see it all, but I sure tried. Therefore, very tired eyes! Fall displays were inside the stores and also on the roads I traveled. Brownsville and Covington with their historic homes and town squares made my trip extra enjoyable.  

Well, it's time to put these aging eyes to bed. When I count my blessings, eyesight is certainly one of them.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Changing Seasons

Hello, FALL! How nice to have you back!

Thank you for bringing the coolness.
I wore a light sweater for the first time yesterday. I was out and about stopping by Goodwill, visiting my mother at the nursing home, and finally checking my booth. I always find it exciting to see what things are no longer on the shelves.  
Today I stayed home.

  • cleaned a bookcase to hold photo albums
  • prepared chef salads for lunch
  • made ministry cards for this week
  • got around to a blog post

This bookcase is not that handsome, but it is serving a purpose. The albums contain pictures from different periods of my life. Talk about a walk down memory lane...


These sweet potatoes were delivered to our door. We had placed an order because my husband likes to get an early start on holiday cooking. Corkey's dressing and sweet potatoes are family favorites. A church member had gone
to Mississippi to get a truckload of orders.
It won't be long before the holidays will be upon us.
I'm forever moving items around here at the house. I think it probably drives my husband crazy. Not big pieces like furniture...just decorative pieces. 
I hope your corner of the world is peaceful.
We must strive to be joyful in spite of heartaches, problems, and tough times. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013



I spent part of my day rearranging objects. I like trying them in different places.
The frame with the Colorado wildflowers was my latest bargain for three dollars. There's a message on the back that tells how the flowers were grown from seeds, pressed, and made into this design.
Thanks for your blog visit.
It's good when friends drop by. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fast Forward

It seems like only yesterday I was filling the outdoor planters with potting soil for spring flowers. Now it's time to inspect the pumpkins in hopes of spotting those with the right shapes and perfect stems. So far I have purchased one extra nice specimen, and that may be the only one due to prices. But seeing other yards and porches decorated, I tend to want a few more. Are we ever satisfied? I am trying to be. I am also trying to stay focused in the present, not looking back  on old memories or stressing about the future. 


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