Monday, October 14, 2013

October Orange

  What Is Orange?
  Orange is a tiger lily,
  A carrot,
  A feather from
  A parrot,
  A flame,
  The wildest color
  You can name,
  Orange is a happy day
  Saying good-by
  In a sunset that
  Shocks the sky. 
  Orange is brave
  Orange is bold
  It's bittersweet
  And marigold.
  Orange is zip
  Orange is dash
  The brightest stripe
  In a Roman sash.
  Orange is an orange
  Also a mango
  Orange is music
  Of the tango.
  Orange is the fur
  Of the fiery fox,
  The brightest crayon
  In the box.
  And in the fall
  When the leaves are turning
  Orange is the smell
  Of a bonfire burning. . . .
                         -Mary O'Neill 

In each photo there's a little something I found on Friday's Jackson trip. Bargain hunting is such fun. I'd love to do it every day!
Top: the small gourd with leaves and acorns design
Middle: cream-colored compote
Bottom: fake book on the far right that opens for storage 
               * I pulled off plastic flowers to show the title 
                  The Poems of Robert Browning                         

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