Saturday, December 8, 2018

Kindred Spirits

It was a rainy, gloomy day, but a visit by friends Mary and Sam made it extra nice.

I'm posting this picture to save a memory. 
Mary will understand.
We like so many of the same things.
It's uncanny how many times we select similar items.
Crocks, bottles and jars, spice racks, pottery, Christmas ornaments, deer figures, books, pitchers - just to name a few.

We learned today that we have that same blue folk art rocking horse.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Christmas Touches Here and There

Christmas decor is popping up throughout the house.

To make room for Christmas decorations I had to store other things. I did keep out this one Willow Tree favorite.

 The ornament in the urn has sheer green netting. 

The  green metal box will hold Christmas cards this year.

These green ornaments are new this year. A local store had "Buy three and get one free" for its customers.

Still love this little dingy, broken child's cabinet. The hole at the back is hidden by the paper decoration. The old blocks spell out the message of the season.
The tree is new. I'm so glad Walmart had small retro trees with a vintage look.

Another tiny tree placed on a butterpat

A return trip to Goodwill was made for this small silver Made in India planter. 
I found the extra tree in a thrift store in Munford.

Thrifting and decorating are fun, especially in December.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

A Day at Grams

This little guy was off from school due to sickness, but healthy enough to ask for his favorite breakfast at Gram's house - cinnamon toast and scrambled eggs. With that silly fox hat on his head I captured a picture.

Lucas and I read Christmas books. Two of them were pop-up books Ryan had received from Santa years ago. He added a bell to the advent calendar. We played the card game Fish. He and I played Hide and Seek with his green dinosaur. 

For lunch he only wanted ketchup on his hamburger. No cheese, onion, pickles or tomato. He has definite ideas about what he likes and doesn't like.

He was such a sweet buddy throughout the day. Very soon this stage of childhood will vanish. That's why today was so special.   

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

More Merry Decorating

 Here are a few more looks. I took my friend Mary's advice and moved the ornament cluster back to the kitchen.

Here's what I ended up with on the hall tree.

I didn't do much with the hutch this year, but I did dress up my green jug and vase.

This is a Goodwill tree I once bought because I admired all the tiny parts that someone had sown onto the green fabric. 

special objects on the shelves of my writing desk

The little blonde tree on the bottom level came from Walmart. This year they have had the cutest retro trees in different colors.

And finally the kitchen windowsill has gone through a few changes.
When I stumbled upon the NOEL sign at the Dirt Cheap store, I took down a tray with a Merry Christmas sign hot glued to its center. The tray was blocking too much of my view out the window. 

 It's hard to get a decent photo due to the faucet's shape.
But when my hubby complimented the window display, I knew this scene was staying.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Merry Decorating

My birthday was recently, and I gifted myself with this sign. It's not old but has a vintage look. I passed it up two times, but not on the third visit. I have no idea where I will use it.

For now it's resting on top of the corner cupboard.

I know this month is going to zip by. I want to start addressing Christmas cards. 

This group of ornaments is in a wooden bowl.

We had the breakfast buffet today at Bald Butcher Restaurant
in Covington, TN. I liked the seasonal display using brown crocks and pitchers.

The galvanized tray got a new look for December.

Can you tell I like deer?

Friday, November 30, 2018

Can't Make Up My Mind

Decorating in December is a lot of fun. However, I keep changing my mind about where to put different decorations. For instance, I had this set of ornaments hung near the kitchen entry.

Then I moved them to the hall tree. May need to add a few snowflakes to go with the icy wreath.

Might try another wreath in this spot.

Decisions, decisions!!

Lucas has a birthday on the eighth. He asked to put up the calendar so he could put up the "dog in the stocking" ornament on his date. 

 The bookcase is an overcrowded assortment of houses, trees, snowmen, angels, and figurines.

This pair of snowmen are favorites because someone took the time to make and accessorize them. Goodness, they were purchased a long time ago! I tend to hang on to things for sentimental connections to memories.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Looking Ahead

This is the earliest and fastest I've ever decorated for Christmas. Some of the decorations are repeats from last year because I liked them so much.

Today when Lucas came in after school he said he wanted Christmas to be right now. I spent a few moments explaining to him that anticipation is the best part of the holiday season.

 I love decorating our home for the festive gatherings that will soon be here.

I am pleased with the Alex Blum prints on the mantel.

Sadly I lost the angel topper I've used for years when she crashed to the hard floor and broke into several pieces. I tried to reglue the parts but was only able  to save the wings. 

The brass deer are on top of the piano again. I repeated the garlands on the mirror. Love this look!

These heavy ornaments are nestled in one of the dough bowls.


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