Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sunflowers and Selfies

Lunch date with college friends

While At Carriage House I looked for a gift.

Hopefully my friend can find the right photo and keepsake for this memorabilia frame.
I selected it as an anniversary gift.

Roadside beauties I photographed on my way home from Jackson.

Mary and Sam shared a part of their special day with us. We had time over lunch to remember some high school memories and their wedding day.

In 1967 I wrote the following words into my journal.

I regret that I didn't take pictures of Mary and Sam on their 50th anniversary. I should have insisted.
I hope they made a few photos later in the day. I also hope they know how much I admire them. 

None of us are crazy about taking pictures now that we have aged.
But here's mine after about ten tries to get one that didn't look too horrible.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


 This little thing turned up in one of the bargain bins at Goodwill.

 Bookcase holds much more than books.

After many months out at the booth 
I decided to bring this sweet pitcher home.

 A whimsical rock gift from a friend greets me 
by the door entrance and makes me smile.

Home is where the heart is 
and where lots of personal stuff ends up.

Pennee's writing of the word home is lovely.
She gave me this large sign when they moved 
into their Dallas apartment. Not sure where to use it.
I did use her other sign above kitchen cabinets in Mother's former apartment.
May place it over our mantel closer to Thanksgiving.

practical basket find at Hobby Lobby

 I did this stitched picture and saying years ago.
Some home stuff is meaningful and hard to part with...maybe 
it will stay around for a few more  years.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Fun Finds

The first three were very inexpensive.

doorstop brass rabbit

brass snail for windowsill collection

bird and nest candleholder

This very old print appealed to me, especially the wooden opening for the quote. For now I've leaned it against books on the bookcase.

While I had the brass polish out cleaning the snail, I decided to work on the heart trivet I've had for many years. The hearts represent Jo, Jason, Ryan, Lester, and Lauren.

Hope you are having a wonderful Fourth of July. Our house is quiet since Les and his family have returned home. But we thoroughly enjoyed our time together on Saturday and Sunday. Kiera and Chloe were a joy to watch.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Kitchen Organization

Even though our kitchen is small, I like to decorate within it. It is challenging to work in the nonessentials with the necessary. I've also been cleaning out messy cabinets and drawers, rearranging, and organizing

 I like coffee and coffee cups and mugs. You cannot see them clearly in this photo, but I have some green ones from the seventies.

Plastic tops and bottoms are paired for the time being.

 Bamboo tray is holding vitamins and a few medicines.
Wood tray corrals measuring cups and spoons.

Everyday silverware from Walmart is a new purchase.
The green handles won me over!

The three tier stand beside the refrigerator is put to good use. The wooden bowl has a variety of candy for grandkids and grownups, the basket has napkins and Kleenex, and the tan round bowl is where I keep onions.

By the door that leads to the garage I have two picnic baskets that hold supplies like paper towels. The wood box from my Indiana trip keeps my sunglasses handy, and the Coffee House sign does the same for my keys.

If you were here, I'd offer you a cup of coffee or something else.
Hope my kitchen tour was not too boring. It's certainly not a dream kitchen, but it's a homey space. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Coloring A White Canvas

For several days I've been working over in the art room on one picture. 

For some of the white blossoms I used a round lid I had rolled around in the paint.

At Lucy Flea Market this week I found the rack with five bottles.
Extra bottles for water means fewer trips to the sink.  

I think it's done!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Decisions, decisions

Often when I'm at an antique mall I spot something and can't make my mind up as to what to do - purchase, not purchase, wait. This happened to me recently at  Midsouth Marketplace. I saw a small painting for five dollars and chose to wait. However, the next day I returned to purchase.

I wanted to cover a water damaged place on  the den wall. For too long I've looked at those dark water stains and despised them. This picture worked out nicely below the opening with the folk art shorebirds.

 There's a lot to see at Marketplace. I hope people will check it out and also visit Plantation Antiques and Collectibles.  Having two antique malls in Millington is heavenly for those of us who like browsing for old and unusual things.

 Several booths had constructed mantels to add interest to their space. 

Another purchase that I had to think about was a set of vintage trouser hangers. Again I waited an extra day before making up my mind. Sometimes this backfires when that something sells and is gone. One day I might use all three in a grouping, but for now I'm using just one over in the art room.

This journal page came about today as I was using the last bit of paint from four bottles. I still like printmaking using wood blocks, round lids, and whatever else is available. 


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