Saturday, August 17, 2019

A Mini Reunion

It was so nice to get together with this group for lunch and conversation. We share many fond memories of our years at Drummonds Elementary School in Tipton County.

L to R Everlena Sloan, Delores Stringfellow, Mabel Jefferson, Elaine Finnie, Elaine McCullough, Marilyn Brent, Sandy Clowes, and Kathy Bowling

  Kathy, Elaine, and I taught third grade students. 

We admired Ms. Sloan. And so did her seventh graders.


We set a date in November to meet again. Hopefully some that missed today can make the next one.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

A Few Changes

This bookshelf was given to me by my former mother-in-law. I had children's books on it for a long time. Now it's being used in the kitchen to display some of my bowl collection.

 It was Xenia King's bedside table when she was a little girl growing up in Boston, Massachusetts. She kept her storybooks on the shelves. She gave me three of her childhood books that have her young signature inside. (I need to search for them; they are stored away somewhere around here. A future post may be about her, those storybooks, and other mementos she shared.)

I took the Flea Market sign down from the corner cupboard in the apartment and brought it to the top of the hutch. You can tell some of the things I love to collect from the displays on the hutch.

Old and new blocks were dumped into this recent basket purchase.
I liked that the basket had a lid and handles.

Finally this golden rooster is a new addition to the kitchen windowsill.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

This and That

I thought I'd report in since August is well under way. 

Summertime beauty

This Magnolia blossom caught my eye at the entrance to IHOP in Millington.

And this not so beautiful creature was spotted on a Big Lots shopping cart.

As usual I've been moving things around. Decided to place white pottery pieces on dark brown dresser and green ones on top of a bookcase.

Then, too, I'm always into bargain hunting for new finds. I found this mirror for the utility room for four dollars. It's old and flawed, probably part of another piece, but it's fine for this spot.

While browsing I came across this signature. A well-known Nashville artist, she is admired by many, including me.

It's a canvas wrapped print of one of her guitar art pieces. The colors are so vibrant. Although not my favorite subject matter I liked it enough to try it out at home. Also $24 dollars seemed a fair price.

Would love an original by her. Her barns, churches, and angels are my favorites.

my favorite magazine

Happy Thursday! Thanks for checking in.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Pinterest Inspired

I really like having boards to store ideas. A saved Pinterest post helped me create a new painting.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

A Few Bookcase Favorites

Of course, there are many books on the shelves. But personal memorabilia
are on display, too. I feel sure I have shown these before.

The brown candle holder was a gift from Xenia King who was once my dear mother-in-law.

This is probably my favorite piece, a 1970 Austin reproduction.
I found her when I attended college in Jackson,TN.

 A find from Bojo's Antique Mall
Sadly this Memphis antiquing landmark closed several years ago.

"Is It Really Santa?"
 Lucie Attwell figurine

Hallmark Days of Childhood

Willow Tree Heart and Soul

Monday, July 22, 2019

Growing Up Together

Today is my brother's birthday. He and I have shared many experiences, and we now have a storehouse of memories, thanks to the many pictures my mom took over the years. I thought I would share a few favorites.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Still Here

It is startling to see the days of summer speeding by. 

 I finished my art journal. Many pages of practice...some good, some lousy.

My friend Charlotte took home this angel painting. When she lost her son recently, I told her about my angel paintings and offered her one. She is holding the one she chose.

We saw Gunner off at the Memphis Airport. He is sure to have an exciting time in Dallas with Uncle Lester. He's attending some special sessions at Fusion Academy this week.  Nick and Lucas are sure to miss him!

I drove to Jackson yesterday to meet Alice and Carla at Rafferty's. Carla has missed our last two reunions so we planned this meeting to catch up with her.
She has moved into a smaller home, has met a special friend named James,  
and is busy writing her second book. The three of us move a little slower and admit to aging problems we wish we didn't have. But we continue to feel blessed.

Tomorrow there's a funeral to attend to honor the memory of an outstanding individual. Ms. Calhoun instilled in her students a love of learning, especially for math. 

l to r- Glenda Calhoun, Sandy Clowes, Kathy Bowling, and Elaine McCullough

We were a team of third grade teachers, and our time together was very special.

More and more I realize how short this life is.
Trying my best to cherish each day...


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