Sunday, September 16, 2018

To Welcome Autumn

Making a few changes here at home to welcome one of my favorite seasons.
I am using old pieces I have had for years.

My purchase this year was the wooden tray painted mustard  gold.

Outside are a few more fall touches. There's only one real pumpkin for now. I chose it for its big stem.

Have a beautiful week as we welcome autumn's arrival on Saturday.

Thoughts and prayers continue for the many families in South and North Carolina. There's no place like home. 

Saturday, September 15, 2018

From Ordinary to Memorable

Sometimes you get a lovely unexpected surprise. An ordinary Wednesday became a day to remember. Friends from high school days paid a visit. Mary and I go way back. We used to spend overnight visits talking about boys we had crushes on. We exchanged charms for our bracelets. We once double dated. Mary married her high school sweetheart. Marriage for me would come later.
Through the years we have stayed in touch. To share so much history has been a blessing. I believe we are soul sisters.

One of the earliest pictures I have of us.

We shared lunch and conversation at the Pig-N-Whistle restaurant in Kerrville, Tennessee.

Hopefully there will more good times together.
We need to laugh more and treasure these golden years.

Love you, Mary and Sam.
Thanks for making a special 2018 memory.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Calendar Shock

This month is moving too fast. I am in disbelief. But September is always a full month. There's Corkey's birthday on the 1st and Lauren's on the 9th and then throw in Labor Day and Corkey's class reunion. And more events are coming.

Hey, I see my baked beans and slaw!
My mom would be so proud that I use her recipes, and that these side dishes taste great with the delicious barbecue. 

  One of the best parts about Labor Day is sharing the event with friends you haven't seen in a while.

My "little girl" is now 37. Oh, the blessings and joys she has given me!
Where did the years go?

Corkey and I did not attend the same high schools. We met in our twenties and later reconnected in our forties. 

Oh, gosh, what happened to us!
We got OLD!
We have been married 29 years. 

Thursday, August 30, 2018


Last week I bought someone's castoff that will be new in our kitchen. Since a kitchen remodel is out of the question, I'm always trying to decorate with what I have or with little extras. This light fixture's $30 price tag swayed me. 

I have had to wait on its installment. Last night Jo was able to get it mounted. 
It's great having a son with a master's electrical license.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


You will be able to tell from these art journal pages what sort of mood I was in for part of the day.

On Instagram I shared two photos that hold dear memories.

Letters, numbers, library books...the stuff of school memories

One of my fondest recollections was selecting books from the bookmobile. It would stop at our driveway and was such a treat to climb aboard, check out a stack of books, and experience the joy of reading about other people.

More school memories...

my 1962 Citizenship Award in eighth grade

my mom's P. T. A. Merit Award from 1959

Speaking of mom, she came to my rescue in fifth grade(and of course, many other times). Our class had a unit of study about colonial times. Making samplers was the project assigned to the girls. I volunteered, not knowing anything about making one. She drew this colonial scene and taught me the basic embroidery stitches. This was my first piece of embroidery...a special memory...a bit of childhood saved in an old wood frame. It's personal treasures like these that make our homes unique.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Childhood is fleeting

I was very fortunate because I didn't have any cares or worries during childhood. My early life was simple and carefree. My parents made sure we were fed, clothed, and loved. My older brother and I shared many adventures on a six acre site. The neighborhood provided playmates and security. 

Grandson Nicolas had a birthday celebration on Sunday. On Monday he officially became eleven years old. My, how fast those eleven years passed!
His young world is so different from the one I experienced. He will have challenges I never had to face. 

Hopefully his artistic ability will not fade. I chose art supplies as part of his birthday gift.

I was in the art room today, but creative juices did not flow. One art journal page received some paint and and a couple of cutout images for a collage. Left it in an unfinished state. We'll see what tomorrow brings.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Painting Decision

Many art pictures are throughout our home. I believe this is the first time for me to hang one of my own. I liked the colors and decided to hang it on the hall tree in the entry.

 It may not stay there for long. Hanging my own art makes me nervous. However, the bright colors appeal to me. Also the two baskets are favorites of mine so my message... display what you like.


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