Thursday, June 21, 2018

A Forgotten Room

I take a lot of interior pictures because of a room I barely remember. There are no photos of my very first bedroom in Swartz, Louisiana. My memory of it is very hazy. No pictures of me playing in that room, reading there, or resting on the bed. I can't recall what the furniture pieces were like. In those days we played outside most of the time. Plus not that many photos were taken of everyday life. Birthday parties, dance recitals, and school performances were photographed much more than daily activities. 

So that may explain why I take pictures of rooms, the furniture, and accessories. I like having a visual record.

I finally changed the decor on the hard-to-decorate mantel in the den area. The bird prints are just taped over the vents. The shades of green work well for this spring/summer display. Birds, books, clocks, and candlesticks are a few of my favorite things. 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Oh Happy Day!

Art Studio

I came across this inexpensive decorative sign and added it to a shelf in the art room. A day doing art is HAPPY.

Home Touches

Book Choice

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Speaking of Barns

Visits to my grandparents held special childhood memories. And barns played a part in those memories. 

My dad helped build this simple house for my grandparents in Louisiana.
He also made those Adirondack chairs on the small porch. The house had a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and two bedrooms. In the left side of the picture you can see the barn in the background. My brother and I would climb up to the hayloft and look out. 

This photo shows the barn and shed.

My grandparents in Indiana had a more stately home.

The information below was in a research paper my cousin wrote about the life of Clara Crum, my dad's mother. This is an excerpt from the paper about the farm, barn, and outbuildings.

These photos were taken in 1974.

This group of photos was taken in 1976.

This storage shed was close to the main house.
I remember entering that door on the right and seeing stacks of old books. I was fascinated by them and many other things that were on this farm.

Sadly these loved ones as well as these dear home places are gone. One clear thing I've learned about is always changing.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Surprising Endings

I'm not always sure how a painting will turn out. I may plan an abstract, but something else evolves.

This one will more than likely undergo more changes.

I have always liked barns. Both sets of grandparents lived on farms and had barns. 

If  you want a good read that will keep you interested until the very end, here's my suggestion. 

My brother visited us on Sunday afternoon and surprised me with something I've been wanting.  

... a portable record player for listening to albums and records I collected years ago.

How sweet the sound!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A Very Special Place

For years I have admired this church. It is located in Munford, Tennessee. I have passed it numerous times. I have never been inside, but the beauty of the exterior stirs my emotions. Its design and stained glass windows are stunning. I strolled the sidewalk in front and along the side to take these pictures. Hopefully this beautiful church will stand for years to come.

Three Front Views

Three Side Views

Friday, June 1, 2018

No Title

Sometimes I can not think of a post title. I can't even get my thoughts to flow for a post. However, I will share a few pictures and offer a few comments.

A new month has begun so I decided to work on the booth this afternoon.

It is time to part with certain things.

Tins are not selling well these days, but I still have a soft spot for them.
One of my very first collections was tins.

This white marble alphabet is a "don't really want to sell" item.
Our twenty-six letter alphabet fascinates me because all our words are formed
by combinations of those 26 amazing letters.  

I really like some of the messages. This alphabet chart that has been in the booth a very long time. I decided to take a picture today in case it disappears when I least expect it.

 Oh, the joy of reading! Thank goodness for our alphabet, words, and stories.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Art Expressions

 Art Tags

 Mixed Media


abstract on canvas

journaling page


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