Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Cleaning Out and Reorganizing

Happy to say I've made some progress over in the art room.

The green boxes are recent additions.

Finally got around to labeling these bins.

Completed two more pages in my art journal.

Sometimes just messing around with stamps or paints is a happy creative experience.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Art Enjoyment

I recently bought this magazine just so I could visit the art spaces of creative women. It also contained excellent information about forming an art studio and making time for art.

 plastic egg tray for mixing colors

"Strolling Downtown"

Here is where I love to come...sometimes to just sit or maybe read up on art techniques or begin a creative project.

I hope your Sunday was peaceful and joyful. Whether large or small, churches foster deep feelings.

 We had Homecoming at our church today. It was wonderful to see all the pews full and additional chairs placed in the center aisle. Of course, the program of gospel music by The Finchers helped our attendance number. And what a blessing they delivered and we received at our small church! 

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Scattered Thoughts

I don't miss the work load of a classroom teacher. For 33 years I carried it, and my 20's, 30's, and 40's slipped away. But a part of me misses those professional years, guiding young minds in their academic studies and inspiring them by example.

These guys are ready for a new school year.
second grade

sixth grade

A vendor had a 50% off sale so I got this clear relish tray for $1.50.
Now I have three of these across my closet desktop. Three makes a collection. Plus there's no more room on the desktop.

This green one is special because it belonged to my brother's late wife Carolyn.

This one I found at an Indiana antique mall on a shopping trip with my cousins.

You can tell I like trinkets and memories.

Time in the art room is always a pleasure. The next three pictures are recent additions to my art journal.

I have decided keeping plants alive is not my thing. I have even given up on my few patio plants.
 I wanted to look out each morning and see gorgeous blooms.
It is not happening.

This morning I watched reruns of HGTV Fixer Upper. Love this house!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018



I really enjoy filling a white page or canvas with color. 
Flower paintings are among my favorites.

I also like to paint churches.


Not sure what to do with my growing number of amateur art paintings.
However, I did find spots for my latest flea market finds.

For now the tray is on the washstand shelf,
and autumn picture is on the hutch.

Oh, I'm glad there are books that make you want to read. These three kept my interest from start to finish.

Monday, July 30, 2018

The Passage of Time

Truthfully I never realized how quickly time would pass. I can't be a senior citizen! What happened? Youthful dreams have gone away replaced by aching joints, wrinkles and other ailments. I defeat depression by being grateful. Not everyone has been blessed by the many years I've been able to live. So enough about old age. 

 I spent Saturday browsing a local antique mall. Even though it's summertime a few of my purchases were about other times of the year. My response to a fall scene was immediate. The tag read "autumn estate." I looked at the price twice - only $4.49. It was the first item to make it into my shopping basket.

A wood tray was my next find. The tag said vintage, and from the looks of it it had been well used. I liked its color. For ten dollars I thought it had possibilities for fall decorating.

A vintage Shiny Brite ornament and a large bottle brush tree with tiny red balls from Charlene's were two Christmas in July purchases.

I went back to one booth for my final decision. It was an unusual birdhouse that needed a different paint job. I may embellish it with china fragments or   
broken bits of jewelry.

This little one had her 5th birthday party on Saturday. We hated to miss it, but a Dallas trip at this time was not possible. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Lost in Art

When I open my art journal I never know what the blank page will become. But I do know it brings peace of mind. Creating is relaxing, and time is forgotten.

I like the colors in the following art picture. It was hanging in a stairway in the Louisville home.

 The home had so many lovely furnishings. This arrangement was in the bedroom I used. Books for reading were available between the horse heads.

I think every home should have lots of art. Whenever I go flea market hunting, it's art pieces that give me the biggest thrill.

Below are the three Edward Hopper prints that I added to my postcard collection. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

A Change of Scenery

Sometimes a getaway from the usual routine is just what it takes to refresh the spirit. And to spend those days in reunion with longtime college friends was wonderful.

 This charming home will long be remembered by Pat, Alice, and me.
This Airbnb home was decorated in tones of gray, gold, cream, and black. The eclectic 
accessories were beautifully displayed throughout the house.

We spent most of our house time in the kitchen and den. The chairs in those rooms were so comfortable. We ate, talked, laughed, and watched a movie.

Louisville, Kentucky, is a fascinating city on the Ohio River with a rich history.
Just viewing the many Victorian homes is a thrilling experience. Each one seemed to have unique features. This one's porch was spectacular.

best tuna salad on a croissant

out-of-the-way shop where I bought three art postcards with Edward Hopper prints

Italian restaurant that served tremendous portions 

I'm so thankful we had a safe and happy trip. Already hoping we can do another reunion in 2019...


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