Sunday, March 11, 2018

Mystery Photo

It was the wood inlay of the two dollar frame that caught my eye. But I was to learn that inside was a vintage photo wrapped in clear plastic. How lovely are the unknown mother and baby! I've decided to leave their picture in the frame and just enjoy the mystery photo.

Another two dollar find that day was a small chair with a green woven seat. I may have started a collection of miniature chairs without meaning to because this latest one makes four. I also like that it's possible to display something else on a chair seat.

 It is the quest that fascinates and keeps me returning to antique malls. You never know what you might find. 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

My Kind of Day

It was good to have an antiquing day. It's easy to spend hours looking around inside Sheffield Antiques Mall in Collierville. 

Aisle after aisle with booths having new and old treasures
Collierville landmark

Here are views of just a few items on display.

     a wood box with leather latch                                                             

brick molds

primitive wood chest

wonderful art of Gary Gibson

This was my favorite item of old wood mail sorter from a hotel.
Too bad I had to leave it behind. This often happens when there are lovely and unique items out of my price range. However, I selected four less expensive items - tiny clock, simple wood cross, green pitcher, and the small wood
  box pictured above.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Paper Memories

A month or so ago I came across a passage that I had written in high school. It was about my dad giving me driving lessons in the pasture at my grandfather's farm in Louisiana. I had completely forgotten about those very first driving lessons.

Tonight I found myself back in 2016. So many little details I had forgotten. I found myself smiling as I read through the pages.

 This little 1 year diary was the beginning. It was given to me on December 23, 1962, by my close girlfriend at the time Linda Ann Smith. I never completely filled it out as I switched to notebook paper inside folders. Several of my later journals were also gifts from friends - Fran, Cora, Mary - and daughter Lauren.

  I dearly love passages that have been written. Letters, cards, and notes are special for that reason.

Sadly I seldom write letters anymore.

However, my journal writing hasn't slowed yet.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

What's New?

Television news about another horrific school shooting has been depressing.
Once upon a time daily life was not full of reports about murders, rapes, and robberies. We are living in disturbing times. And yet there are so many acts of kindness. People helping people.

It has been quiet around here, and I guess that's a good thing. 


 Valentine's Day is always one of the sweetest days of the month.
Sad that it's over... 
I had these figurines out on my desk for Valentine's Day.
They are stamped Lucy Rigg 1979 on the bottom. I bought the pair years ago in Dyersburg.

I had planned to put this Eddie Bauer HOME pitcher in the booth to sell, but after turning it to the other side, I decided to keep it in the kitchen. I liked the way my green-handled silverware looked in it. Simple change. Refreshing change.

 Certainly enjoyed this book a friend loaned me. Molly and Vivian's stories are fascinating reading as the past and present are interwoven.

 How blessed I was to have loving parents and a happy childhood! 

After many idle weeks the paints came out.
Felt good to smear some paint around.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Valentine's Day Memories

When I was in grammar school Valentine's Day was such a big event. Usually a big decorated box in the front of the classroom held all the cards until time to pass them out.

When I first started teaching students would decorate individual boxes and place them on their desks to receive valentines. In later years we would make holders in class and attach them to lockers for decoration and for the big day.

This was a sweet student standing by my chalkboard message about valentines.
Oh, the many times I enjoyed Valentine's Day with my students!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Losing Track of Time

I guess I've been thinking about posting, but certainly haven't done it since my last entry date was in January. Gee, days pass, and I wonder what became of them. I have paid more attention to my handwritten journal than to this blog.

I shared this photo on Instagram with the following message.

I believe most of us tend to gather trinkets and treasures for different reasons.
Maybe that something special was a gift, a souvenir, or just a happy find. I came across a white pencil holder, and its one word decoration spoke to my collecting as well as writing soul.

Tonight my few words

 are to acknowledge my absence 
and my wish to get back on track.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

A Form of Relaxation

...or maybe therapy. Getting out scissors and glue is very relaxing even at my age. There's something to be said for simple journaling.

Treasure hunting is also a way to relax.
There's such a vast assortment of stuff to browse.
I made one small purchase of a doll furniture table for four dollars and
have no idea how I will use it. I just liked it!   

I'm staying in on this rainy Saturday. I look around and wish Chip and Joanna could transform this room for me. Oh well, it's home, and I'm thankful for it.


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