Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I saved this print a long time ago. It was a Reader's Digest back cover. Recently on Pinterest in the Art category I learned the artist's name - Gabrielle Munter. A one dollar frame from Goodwill proved ideal for this little piece of art.
  This lamp burns day and night. It's  a comforting sight.
Made these fun tags...another cute idea from freshstyle
Best Coffee Cake 
Made this dessert today for tomorrow. 
Happy Thanksgiving

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sentiment Worth Displaying

When I had my shopping day in Jackson, Tennessee, back in October, I came across this magazine in one shop booth.

Its pages were loaded with fresh ideas for Christmas decorating, and one project using old books really caught my attention. 

I "fell in love" with this decoration.
I had the books, twine, and ornament but not the letter stamps in the right size. I decided to use letter stencils and dab the ink onto white pieces of paper that I taped to the books.

I wanted to show this project early in case you wanted to gather a few books and try it. You could do other words such as peace or noel.

Friday, November 22, 2013


I know many are remembering on this date about that fateful day in 1963. Lined notebook paper inside a folder was my journal back then, and from my journal I know for sure where I was on that day. During fifth period biology class a girl came to our room and told us that on the radio it had been announced that President Kennedy had been shot. Those in the class thought she was kidding and did not believe her. Our teacher Mr. Chatham said if it was true it was a terrible tragedy. We began class again. Mr. Chatham continued by  explaining something at the board. Soon we noticed numerous students and several teachers in the hallway. Then the truth was realized, but it still seemed impossible. But an even greater blow was received a short time later in sixth period band. It was learned that John F. Kennedy had died. That day fifty years ago was a turning point in America's history.

 It is a bit strange to read about your life at realize your parents were in their prime. Fifty years have come and gone...that seems impossible, too.

Yesterday my mother turned
ninety-one. I wish she could remember
all of her accomplishments and experiences.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Odds and Ends

Days flow by, and there's just not enough time to do all I'd like. Journal recording, this blog, and art seem to get pushed aside. Today I'm back to say hi and share a few odds and ends.

  This little guy was brought inside since cold weather is coming. This terra cotta pot was moved inside, too. I got the bird this summer at a garden center. It's really hard for me to pass up sweet little birds.
Birds have even been showing up on art journaling pages.


a stack of favorite books on an old chair in the living room

Friday, November 15, 2013


My husband is the cook at our house, and I am the baker. These are four sweets I prepared for tomorrow's church bake sale. 

While waiting for a Sock-It-To-Me cake to cool, I decided to use the time to write this quick post. Whenever I make cookies, I think of my Grandmother Barnes. Oh, how I wish I had paid more attention to her skills in the kitchen! Her chocolate cookies were the best I ever ate...crunchy on the edges but soft in the middle. My brother and I reminisce about those cookies and how fast we would clean out her canister.

Well, I hope folks will drop by the bake sale and clean out all the cookie and cake selections.  I know tonight Corkey and I had a few too many test samples.  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Multitude of Ideas

Even though I don't start Christmas decorating until after Thanksgiving, I have started to think about it and to drool over pages of holiday ideas collected over the years. And although I have two Pinterest boards that pertain to Christmas,  I still like to pull out my big green notebook and pour over all the ideas. Of course, I'll use  things from past Christmases, but creating new vignettes is always fun. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy Errands

Was happy to find a few more items to tuck into the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. I enjoy filling the boxes and thinking about the boy and the girl who will receive them. This is another reason I like November.

In addition to school supplies, hygiene items,and small toys, I like to include tiny extras.   

Also was glad to get by the booth with a few different decorations.  

Have a happy day!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Glorious November

My favorite month has arrived. It's my favorite for several reasons.
  • the abundance of beautiful colors
  • the crisp temperatures
  • Mother's birthday
  • my own birthday
  • son's birthday
  • first marriage took place in November
  • Thanksgiving

The calendar spaces for November and December are filling up fast with obligations and plans.  I  need to appreciate every day and the people who share them with me.


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