Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Everyday Blessings

We enjoyed a quiet Memorial Day here at home. On Sunday, however, we met our daughter and her husband for a late lunch in Memphis at The Grove Grill. Many places were closed  due to power outages resulting from Saturday night's storm. Also numerous traffic lights were not working. Fallen trees blocked some streets. Really nice to witness cooperation and courtesy in a stressful situation. Monday's holiday caused us to pause and remember the ultimate sacrifice made by so many in the military. 

I finally have a few plants by the entrance and on the front porch. Hollyhocks are blooming in one of the backyard flowerbeds.

Little additions and changes inside the home keep me happy.

This Made in China open dish was a recent find for desk accessories.

Decided to open the little green cabinet for a change.

Need to add some blooms to this vase...really glad I talked myself into this purchase. I look at it and fondly recall antique mall shopping with my brother. 

Would love to hear from any blog readers out there.
Wishing you a wonderful week... 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Lazy Saturday Schedule

 No plans for today. Letting the day unfold on its own.
 And so far it's off to a lovely start. 

 First, a wonderful phone conversation with a dear friend.

 Secondly, two banana nut breads turned out just like the recipe said they       would. I had clipped a recipe from Tuesday's Commercial Appeal and tried it this very morning. 
 Corkey and Jason sampled the cake before it had a chance to cool. They gave their approval.

I sampled the banana bread after our simple lunch of bologna, tomato, and pickle sandwiches. YUMMY! Actually it tasted identical to a family recipe I have used. But this newspaper recipe required no buttermilk.

Now I'm writing this blog post.  Later I plan to read.

Below is my newest flower painting. I hung it on a wall all by itself.

Recently at our Goodwill Bargain Center I picked up a couple of old books for a dollar each. I placed them under the wooden bowl I found in Indiana. The one has a beautiful cover.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, May 19, 2017


Sometimes three... sometimes more

It's a good thing these groupings are scattered about in different rooms. Of course, I have some others, but eight examples is a good place to stop.
Do you like groupings or singular displays?
I tend to like both.
My problem is I'm running out of space.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Fun Finds

Besides visiting and dining on the Indiana trip there was also some time for treasure hunting. 

At Bernie's in Jeffersonville, IN, many things were marked down because the place is closing. I chose a turned wooden bowl, a colorful Cola opener, and an earthenware pitcher. The plastic rack was free.

At Vendors' Village in Clarksville, IN, I found the following items.

vintage Japanese vanity tray

two hardback library books

These were two editions I once read in grammar school.
The bookmobile would visit our community and what a treat it was to get and read books.

On the way home my brother wanted to stop at an antique mall in TN that he and Carolyn had visited several times in the past. He kept telling me it was a true antique mall. And he was right! I want to go back to Goodlettsville Antique Mall and mill around in there for hours. I made two purchases. The metal vase was quite heavy, and its shape and color won me over. The Pfaltzgraff wooden box and design matched kitchenware I already have.

I have already found spots for my new "treasures." If and when I should tire of them, they are possible additions to my booth.

Thrifting with my cousins and brother was a lot of fun. Each of us found something we liked.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Special Trip

One of the main reasons for the trip to Indiana was to see my aunt Clara Belle. She was married to my dad's older brother Everett Crum. She has always had the sweetest nature. Loving her and her home has always been easy. She and I both like old things with family connections. 

Aunt Clara Belle 
is a young 98!

She gets around better than I do!
 The cousins met at her house and posed in front of the fireplace. 

She tucked under her legs and got up from that sitting position with total ease. 
She is amazing!

Her home is charming and full of family heirlooms. She showed us that old bucket and said that long ago it held peanuts.

The following information will explain about the blue chest.

"Everett Crum's great grandmother Catherine Smith came from England in 1840 when she was a small girl with her parents Edward Smith(B-1785 D-1864) and his wife Elizabeth, and brothers and sisters. They brought their belongings across the Atlantic Ocean in an old blue sea chest. It has E. S. on the end of the chest.  [ Currently in the possession of Clara Belle Crum]"

These spinning wheels are on either side of the fireplace. 

 This corner cupboard was once in my grandmother Crum's house.
I remember it and where it was located in her parlor.

Many of my aunt's treasures are old, beautiful, and unique.

I am so thankful she is doing well. She is such a blessing to the Crum family.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Maybe in May

It's rather interesting to see what sells from month to month. You just never know which items will be picked by shoppers. Sometimes things are snapped up right away while others sit on a shelf for a long, long time.  

Years ago my first collections were baskets and tins. These days I search for pottery, oil paintings, and unique picture frames for family photos.

Some characters stay in your mind long after you finish a book. Ridley Cooper and Olivia Aberdeen are the central characters in this post Civil War novel. The setting is Nashville's Historic Belle Meade Plantation. Maybe my next book will be as enjoyable.


Some decorative decisions make you continually happy. So glad I didn't pass this rug up. Thank you, Tuesday Morning! Every day for years I've enjoyed its rich colors...my favorites...brown, rust, green, and gold. Maybe there's another exciting find awaiting me in May.    

Maybe the weather will be pleasant this weekend. My brother and I are taking a trip to see Indiana relatives.


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