Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Everyday Blessings

We enjoyed a quiet Memorial Day here at home. On Sunday, however, we met our daughter and her husband for a late lunch in Memphis at The Grove Grill. Many places were closed  due to power outages resulting from Saturday night's storm. Also numerous traffic lights were not working. Fallen trees blocked some streets. Really nice to witness cooperation and courtesy in a stressful situation. Monday's holiday caused us to pause and remember the ultimate sacrifice made by so many in the military. 

I finally have a few plants by the entrance and on the front porch. Hollyhocks are blooming in one of the backyard flowerbeds.

Little additions and changes inside the home keep me happy.

This Made in China open dish was a recent find for desk accessories.

Decided to open the little green cabinet for a change.

Need to add some blooms to this vase...really glad I talked myself into this purchase. I look at it and fondly recall antique mall shopping with my brother. 

Would love to hear from any blog readers out there.
Wishing you a wonderful week... 

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