Monday, August 31, 2015

Frustration and Relief

Hate when I have computer problems. Hopefully I'm back on track. 


Friday Night Football

School Days

Birthday Preparations and Celebration

 I found this small chest for Nicolas at Goodwill and filled it with some birthday surprises.
He had asked me for some old keys a while ago. When he saw three in the chest, he exclaimed, "You remembered!"

                Blue Icing Smile


 Thanks for your visit.
Come again.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

I'm Here

A short note to say hello. My thoughts seem stuck in my head. I can't get them to flow on paper or onto this keyboard. But I like my blog readers to know that I think of you and wish we could chat over cups of coffee. Or stroll through aisles crammed with vintage goodies. Or maybe visit an art museum. I think I may be spending too much time alone hashing over my same tired thoughts. Must do more. Read more. Pray more.        

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

On This Night

Several are on my mind tonight. 
They are in my prayers.

The glow of a candle
has a calming effect.

 Such a small thing
providing powerful feelings of peace...

Friday, August 14, 2015

My Kind of Day

A pretty day required getting out of the house. I decided to check out this flea market. It had lots of stuff. After circling the booths two times I came away with three small finds - an odd-shaped vintage glass jar with zinc lid, a Baldwin candlestick, and a charming Ashleigh Manor picture frame that I almost overlooked. 

Next I decided to check on my own booth in Millington.

It's just not possible to hang on to everything. I like this bowl and pitcher because there's a memory connected to it, but it just doesn't look right in my home. One year my dad and I shopped together to find something for my mother's birthday. We chose the bowl and pitcher for her, and she happily displayed it for years on a small antique table in the bedroom.

This portrait hangs in another vendor's booth. I look for the lady in red every time I go by. One day she won't be there, and I will miss her.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


I looked through scads of photos searching for this one in particular. This is the card I showed you in the last post that I framed for safekeeping. Oh, the memories of that room and the many visits with Mother. Some sweet, some sad, some difficult. But I wouldn't take anything for those days because we were together, trying to make the best of a terrible situation.

It was a beautiful Thursday, and Corkey and I spent part of it in Covington. We had a few people we wanted to see and invite to our annual Labor Day Barbecue.

Feeling blessed!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

More Little Things

Sometimes things just come old frame from the recent estate sale; the card image I once displayed on the windowsill in mother's room at the nursing home; the Willow Tree Mother Daughter gift from friends Alice and Carla after Mother's passing.   

 These two types of  miniature books came from my Grandmother Crum. I had more, but sold three bundles in the store booth. One bundle had little books of poetry. What was I thinking? Should have been a hoarder that day.

Some time ago this Goodwill metal piece held balls of twine over in the art studio. I moved it to hold the tiny red books. 

Sometimes the oddest little things attract my attention. This sturdy
 saucer turned up at Goodwill. 

Not sure what I want to place under the glass.

The smiling bookworm will do for now. He stayed on my kitchen windowsill until he was promoted to the living room. All because of the lone saucer.

Well, those are some little things that add glee around here.

P.S. Keep dreaming, moving, and smiling.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Swapping Out

Since it was a very rainy Monday morning, I stayed in and did some rearranging of little things. The glass jar with the wood lid had been holding cream-colored buttons. Today it has a new role in the master bath.

I use white planters in the bathroom.






This small dish is probably meant to hold soap, but lipstick products fill mine.
The back of the dish is rather interesting.

I like to use vintage items in different ways. Of course, sometimes I stick to 
their original purpose like this toothbrush holder from the past.

The rain was gone by the afternoon. Grandson Lucas was our visitor for several hours. He will be starting preschool in a few days. Gosh, my own kids grew up fast, and the grandkids even faster. What can you do but embrace each day and enjoy the journey.

Hope your tomorrow is full of sunshine.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Thinking About You

It was such a pleasure to talk to a dear friend this week. I hope she will check out posts "Tuesday Tidbit" and "Four Days" to see that wonderful card she sent me. I loved the sentiment on the card and especially her handwritten message. I tucked it up on my board to brighten my days.

Another friend surprised me with this gift several years ago. In my home I have such lovely treasures from close friends. These objects of affection are  truly meaningful, and the friendships are priceless. 

"I keep my friends 
as misers do their
 treasure, because, of
all the things granted 
us by wisdom, none
 is greater or better
than friendship."

-Pietro Aretino

"Who finds a 
faithful friend,
finds a treasure."

-Jewish Saying

"When I find 
myself fading, I 
close my eyes and
realize my friends
are my energy."


P. S.

These journaling genie sheets came fromTuesday Morning. I've been trying them out on simple journaling pages and ministry cards. simple things!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Fun to Watch, Part 2

In order to attend Chloe's 2nd birthday party we had to travel to Celina, Texas. Watching all the little ones at the party was a joy, but especially joyful was getting to see five cousins have a blast over the weekend. 


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