Saturday, August 8, 2015

Thinking About You

It was such a pleasure to talk to a dear friend this week. I hope she will check out posts "Tuesday Tidbit" and "Four Days" to see that wonderful card she sent me. I loved the sentiment on the card and especially her handwritten message. I tucked it up on my board to brighten my days.

Another friend surprised me with this gift several years ago. In my home I have such lovely treasures from close friends. These objects of affection are  truly meaningful, and the friendships are priceless. 

"I keep my friends 
as misers do their
 treasure, because, of
all the things granted 
us by wisdom, none
 is greater or better
than friendship."

-Pietro Aretino

"Who finds a 
faithful friend,
finds a treasure."

-Jewish Saying

"When I find 
myself fading, I 
close my eyes and
realize my friends
are my energy."


P. S.

These journaling genie sheets came fromTuesday Morning. I've been trying them out on simple journaling pages and ministry cards. simple things!

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