Sunday, January 29, 2017

Staying in the Moment

Doing art is one of my favorite ways to accomplish that.
It allows you to forget about the past and not think of the future.
You just paint and forget your troubles.



I've even found a few places for my abstract art inside the house.

Maybe one day I will get the nerve to put a price on pieces and try to sell them.
Meanwhile I just enjoy them myself.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Relaxing time in the "studio" gave me a chance to finish tag sets.

A visit to Plantation Antiques allowed me to check on my booth and others.
I found two brass objects.


I liked the little brass frog because it opens up. He's the newest member of the windowsill group.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Out of Practice

Creating is something that should be done every day. My attempts were feeble today, but it felt good to work with paint, paper, and scissors.

May use those letters yet in a piece of art.
ART is a way to unwind.

This is a copy of an illustration I saw somewhere.
Sending LOVE out into the world is a good thing.
Such a simple drawing that speaks volumes.

I enjoyed doodling on the last page of my art journal notebook.
Titled "Dreamland 2017"

When three-year-old Chloe was here at Christmas, 
she said, "Grams, this is you." Glad she drew me smiling.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Maybe now that snow and bitter cold are gone, I can get back to a regular routine. I have put off exercising, decluttering, organizing, and lots more. My energy has been low, and my moods have been melancholy. In other words, I have become lazy.

The interiors of our house are back to normal. Figurines are once again on the top of the bookcase.

Every day look of the mantel and hearth is back.

The hutch has its usual appearance. 

This is our favorite area in the evening. 

My plan is to maintain a better schedule in the weeks ahead.

Easier said than done.

Friday, January 6, 2017

A Snow Day

Quietly and softly it came during the early morning.

Watching the snowflakes fall was my morning pastime.

I had hoped a small bird might seek the shelter of the barn birdhouse.

Our small amount of snow did not bestow upon the land a view of pristine beauty. Nevertheless, even a little snow is lovely.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Trading Places

It's amazing how one change can make a big difference. We are still getting used to the new look in the bedroom where we have the computer. The pillows on the bed were once sofa pillows in the living room. The low cane table left our bedroom to hold extra blankets in this one.  

I tend to spend time in January trying to 
find places for different items. I have already
moved the blue dish off the dresser and am  
trying out other things.

I like small brass objects so I decided to line them up on this bedroom windowsill.  

That's my puttering post for tonight. Hope you're warm and cozy on this cold January evening.

Monday, January 2, 2017

A Fresh Start

When a new year begins, I do feel like it's a chance to make a fresh start. To try harder, to improve, to cherish each day...

I am amazed that I'm starting my tenth year of blogging. My life is ordinary, so I wonder how I've written as much as I have. Followers are few, and comments are rare if at all. But since I write for myself, it really shouldn't matter. However, if I'm honest, I do miss the kind feedback I once received.

The house is back to normal with a few changes here and there. I know we shouldn't covet things, but I do enjoy being surrounded by dear, familiar objects. 

Here's the first journal page of 2017. I clipped a couple of remarks from the Sunday newspaper. The quote about passion was posted on Instagram.

The brown journal was started on August 1, 2016.   I am still recording inside it. My first entry had this opening paragraph -

I may not be able to pour passion into everything I do, but I can appreciate each day that unfolds.

Therefore, I guess it is up to me to make this new year a special one.


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