Sunday, February 24, 2019

When It Rains...

With so many rainy days in a row you would think I would have every closet,  drawer, and room organized. Not so. I have been in a do-nothing mood. I've had the time but not the motivation. Hard to explain my lethargic mood.

But today the sunshine is out. Wonderful!

In a recent blog post I mentioned cursive writing. Both my parents had distinctive handwriting styles. I decided to make this post about their lovely signatures.

My mother filled out the inscription page to the large Bible she used for years.
As a young girl her Bible fascinated me because of its size, the tabs, and pictures. I remember it well as I sat beside her in the Swartz Baptist Church,
Swartz, Louisiana.

Before marrying my dad Mother was in nursing school and became a registered nurse. I have a few of her textbooks. 

In the back of one textbook she wrote:

In this Reference Handbook for Nurses she signed with her nickname and married name.

In grade school my mom usually signed my report cards. But a few times my dad did. 

I think his capital C is most unusual.

My dad did not go by Elmer Ward but was called Crum by family and friends. Sometimes friends affectionately referred to him as Cookie.

 He addressed a Valentine card to my mom using both cursive and manuscript.

And so I'll close with this thought...

Sentimental me loves writing samples of my parents, friends, children, and grandchildren...each one special and unique.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Traces of Past Lives

A student once gave me a set of very old books. They were worn and tattered, just barely hanging together.

Recently I moved them to a different spot and paid attention to the drawings and signatures within them. I like to wonder about the individuals who once touched and used these volumes. What were their life stories?

 This car drawing is on the inside cover flap of the Idylls book.

The Julius Caesar volume had pencil doodles and this one drawing on the introduction page.

Other volumes belonged to Emma and Joseph.

I am a fan of cursive writing and believe it should be part of the school curriculum.
A person's writing style is as unique as one's personality.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Keeping the Blues Away

Painting helps me escape from negative thoughts and down moods. I tend to go back to colorful flowers in order to lift my spirits.

I am a messy painter. I use my hands as much as paintbrushes and sponges.

I would love to be able to do portraits, but it's beyond my ability.

I tried an abstract without success. 
Some attempts are total failures.
But I keep trying because I have found the pleasure of painting.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Watching and Waiting

There are times when it's best to just watch and wait. The winter months provide ample hours for rest and reflection. Thankfulness includes spouse, children, grandchildren, relatives, friends, health, home, and hobbies.

Inspiration for the angel painting came from another artist who creates and sells beautiful art. I wanted an angel for this guest bedroom. I didn't like one of my recent flower paintings so I painted over it and started this one of an angel.

  Watching Over Me


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