Sunday, April 28, 2019

Memphis Visit

It was good to see my brother and his new place. I liked his Audubon residence
in a private gated community. While there I noticed two things in particular that brought back memories.
My dad carved this horse out of tin and attached it to our mailbox when we lived in Swartz, Louisiana. Back then we had a horse named Ginger and kept her on our six acres. My brother mounted this keepsake onto a piece of driftwood and has it nicely displayed.

This India ink sketch was done by me. Years ago I gave it to Ron as a Christmas gift. It was nice to see it hanging with some other art works. 

I enjoyed other background stories to pieces he has collected over the years.
Recently he had an antique sofa and chair that belonged to our grandmother Crum reupholstered. His bed is also a Crum family piece of furniture. That's something he and I have always shared - a love of old. 

Friday, April 26, 2019

Two Friday Facts

*I enjoy art. 
 It has been a long time since I created some tags.
I liked making these today, using paper scraps and rubber stamps.

Flower paintings are growing in number. 
Hard to stop since they're fun to do.

*I enjoy real flowers.

 The irises are so pretty this year.

 I have my mother to thank for these lovely plants.

Every day I check on them, and today these three got their picture taken.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Perhaps the Sweetest Month of All

These irises faithfully return each spring and make my little garden look elegant.


I'm working on a new flower painting. Hope it turns out the way I want it to.

I did redo my last angel painting. That's one great thing about artwork. Do-overs are possible.

Oh, and these are four book recommendations. Unusual stories and interesting characters. 


Friday, April 19, 2019

Filling in the Week

After Tuesday's appointment at the periodontist I made a stop at Hobby Lobby to buy art supplies that were 50% off. Wish this shelf had been on sale. I could visualize it on the wall in the side entrance. I really liked the vintage look of the tin panel. Maybe someday that space will get a decoration.

With new canvases and tubes of paint I spent time Wednesday over in the studio.

I'm still working on this angel. I think I may add words or numbers or symbols.
Or I may change to brighter colors.

This is a new page from my art journal. Some years ago I came across this old poem on another blog and loved the message.

Thursday I spent reading. Soon I'll share my recent book selections. I do love a good book!

 Today at Marketplace I found another marble egg to add to this group. It's a peach color.

This jar decoration is old. I had it when Ryan and Lauren were little.
Lauren once told me she used to climb to get candy from the jar that sat on our tall bookcase. I never knew!

This is my favorite egg collection that I bring out each year.
Sure miss those sweet years of Easter basket surprises.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Little Things

Remember the storage boxes...well, I labeled them and inside each are cards, letters, postcards, photographs, and other items from my dad's family(Crum) and my mom's(Barnes). 

I like old books and little houses.

I have a hard time deciding if this little girl statue should stay inside or go outside. 

I have been gathering items for the tiered stand.

This tiny white basket holds a memory which I'll explain later in the post.

The wire house with a heart that hangs on the inside was a gift from my mother.

As you know I am a keeper of mementoes. The tiny white basket is from my daughter's second birthday party.
Guests took home tiny baskets filled with candy.
The corner cabinet that I still have is just visible to the left of the picture.
The party was held in the dining room. In the next photo that print on the wall behind Lauren Ashley hangs in my present dining room as does  the plate 
holder seen in the last picture.  

Such sweet times were the plans and preparations for birthday parties.
Such precious years captured only in pictures but kept in a mother's heart forever. 

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Fun Finds

Saturday was a beautiful day. After an early lunch at Chick-fil-A with my dear hubby, we took off in different directions to do errands. I had hours to myself to simply browse. Shopping with a friend is lovely, but shopping on my own is just as nice. And what's weird is sometimes you find nothing at all, but occasionally you experience a bonanza. I found lots of good stuff at local stores.

 I bought this plate to replace one that broke into pieces when a grandson accidentally bumped into the dining room wall hanger. This one shouldn't shatter because it's a silver plate that has been painted and decorated in cream and brown. 

This yellow ware pitcher came home to my kitchen.

After leaving Midsouth Marketplace I stopped at Dirt Cheap and came across two sturdy storage boxes(Hearth & Hand with Magnolia). They were in my color!

 a Goodwill find - small plaque by Kelly Rae Roberts
Her art, blog, and Instagram account are delightful.

My last stop was at Boatwright Drug Co. to see if a particular object was still in the display window.  The colors and message in this wall hanging by natural life (Bungalow Art) were irresistible. 

Instead of clothes and shoes I prefer to shop for home treasures. These were my principal items of the day. However, I also picked up four bargain books and an old muffin pan for when I'm mixing colors and painting.

I like to shop at local stores, and looking for bargains is always fun.  

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

A New Month

This year is already into the fourth month. Thank goodness spring has arrived, but gosh, I want time to slow down.

I came across this blackboard idea and quote on Instagram. Decided to use it and hang this small blackboard over in the art room.

Have a great week. 


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