Friday, August 8, 2014


This week I saw fall pumpkins as decorative accents at the local drugstore. Please, August, linger as long as you can. Make autumn's September and October wait their turn. School is back in session with kids sporting new clothes and backpacks. Some learning may take place before Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas vie for their attention. Indeed the calendar pages have flown faster this year than ever before or so it seems. Amazing how little ones will start kindergarten and in record time  be high school seniors. 
I have been puttering around the house and switching around objects. Such relaxing therapy for this hoarder collector.


Brass tray, silver bowl, and decorative ball are all recent Goodwill finds. That is my other form of therapy...seeking out small treasures. Some stay in my home while others go to the booth.

And, of course, making stuff is wonderful therapy. My art nook is just the place to escape from certain tensions.

There you have it... this week's three therapies that have helped me:  decorating, treasure hunting, and making art.
Hope you have a relaxing weekend. I plan to read, write in my journal, attend my husband's class reunion, enjoy Homecoming at our church, and just be happy that it's August. 


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Clip, Anyone?

When the booth runs out of magnets and clips, it's time to make more. Today I pulled out clothespins and gave them a bath in antiquing medium and water, giving these new ones an instant aged look. 

Glad I remembered my gloves. Very messy nails without them. Below are some finished clips. 

two handy ones at my art corner
one of my favorite stamps


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