Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fun to Watch

Oreo, Spice, and Midnight are very entertaining. So glad they have found a new spot to explore. They have been making a mess of the ferns on the front porch.
The roof of the white shed is their new hangout. 

I tried to get a decent photo of  them together, but they kept changing positions.

In the mornings they greet my husband as he steps out to get the newspaper. They are expecting their breakfast meal of cat food.

Sadly we lost one kitten. We're not sure what happened to Socks. She disappeared for a couple of days, returned, and then disappeared again.

These are outdoor country cats so there are a few perils in the world of nature.
Hopefully Midnight and Spice can stay out of trouble.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday Tidbit

This is my latest abstract art. The colors are bold, and the piece livens up  the guest bedroom. The plaque that's beside it is a one dollar purchase from Goodwill.

Another great message is on my closet desk. You are probably sick of seeing my desk. However, it's where I spend some time every day, and I certainly need this reminder.

I don't know why there's some pink showing up.

More than likely the flash had something to do with it. 

This was the abstract I did at Pennee's
 in green, gold, and white. I made the decision to change it by adding yellow, a deeper green, and a little blue in order to add sun, flowers, and message.

Have a happy day!
Cherish those moments.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Moving Objects

Hi from my home to yours. Spent some time rearranging, my never-ending domestic activity or so it seems. Really happy with this grouping of pictures.
Decided to place them on the round tray I recently acquired in Texas. Looking at these precious pictures brings back wonderful memories. I also remember  with fondness the photographer/artist Miss Wanda Rice who captured the early years of my son and daughter.  

Also changed what was above this desk in the guest bedroom. The wire rack came down, and the mementoes from it ended up on the silver wood tray that's on the dresser.

I had a couple of visitors today for lunch. Gunner and Nicolas stayed the afternoon and made cards for their mother's birthday. 

Hard to believe that Nick will be a third grader. 

Before I end this post, I want to close with a quote. Wanda Rice had this quote on a bulletin board in her studio. She had handwritten it on an index card. Miss Wanda would be surprised that I still have that index card (and other cards) she gave me. 

"Time makes demands
 on all of us, but we can
 become times master if we 
remember to stop and do 
something purely because
 it delights us."

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Four Days

Some days are just busier than others. My focus on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday was Vacation Bible School.

Scripture lessons, videos, skits, lively songs with lots of movement, crafts, science experiments, recreation, and snacks were part of the schedule.  We had sweet kids who took part and seemed to have a great time.

I took Friday morning to go to Bartlett Antique Gallery for their summer sale.
Two round trips by all the booths proved super relaxing for me. No unique purchases...just these four everyday items. 

 5x7 green frame


 wood tray 

hardback book

Also that same day I stopped in at Tuesday Morning and enjoyed browsing. In the clearance section I came across this small green dish.

Saturday was another chance to browse and shop. Here's why.

For the time being son Jason is using the apartment next door. I miss my art studio space, but for now I'm using the art corner in my clothes closet. Pennee had given me this wooden box with four votive jars at Christmas, but I gave it another use. My closet space has received a makeover every few weeks as I try to organize my art supplies and other stuff. 


Thanks for lending an ear to my ramblings.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Odds and Ends

Closet space with inspirational treasures

This Vicki Boutin book was a Goodwill bargain.

One of her technique suggestions made use of a white crayon.

I tried it on a couple of ministry cards.

Love the greens and tans on the hallway hutch 

I have had this painted scene since a 1971 honeymoon visit to New Orleans.
A plain brown frame at Goodwill had this wonderful mat which worked great with this small oil picture.

Our cat Oreo had three sweet kittens. We finally got around to naming them.

Socks, Spice, and Midnight Blue

Spice and Socks

Midnight Blue

We're having hot weather in the nineties in West Tennessee.
But that's okay since we had a long spell of rainy days.

I love that Tennessee has four distinct seasons.
It's summertime now, but autumn is not that far away.
Take care. Each day we have is a blessing.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Progress and Relaxation

My painting is coming along. The best part to painting is the relaxation it
affords. Worries disappear as I mix and spread colors. 

 I like my weird flowers.

To hang or not hang

To add a little more or leave as is

This "masterpiece" needs my signature in the bottom right hand corner.

Oh well, at least my blank canvas is no longer white.

Monday, July 6, 2015

A Quick Hello

We enjoyed a quiet Fourth of July here at home. In the late  afternoon of that day my husband and I took a meandering drive in the country. There were lovely homes and some very depressing homes. Made us thankful to have ours.

While we were in Texas Pennee loaned me a book. Now I see why she said she couldn't put it down. I'm halfway and eager to find out the whole chain of events.

Pennee and I had fun painting one night. We went for abstract. Up and down or sideways, that's the question with this art style.

When I'm not reading, I have a canvas to finish. I want it to be colorful and splashy.

Let's strive for a happy week.


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