Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Moving Objects

Hi from my home to yours. Spent some time rearranging, my never-ending domestic activity or so it seems. Really happy with this grouping of pictures.
Decided to place them on the round tray I recently acquired in Texas. Looking at these precious pictures brings back wonderful memories. I also remember  with fondness the photographer/artist Miss Wanda Rice who captured the early years of my son and daughter.  

Also changed what was above this desk in the guest bedroom. The wire rack came down, and the mementoes from it ended up on the silver wood tray that's on the dresser.

I had a couple of visitors today for lunch. Gunner and Nicolas stayed the afternoon and made cards for their mother's birthday. 

Hard to believe that Nick will be a third grader. 

Before I end this post, I want to close with a quote. Wanda Rice had this quote on a bulletin board in her studio. She had handwritten it on an index card. Miss Wanda would be surprised that I still have that index card (and other cards) she gave me. 

"Time makes demands
 on all of us, but we can
 become times master if we 
remember to stop and do 
something purely because
 it delights us."

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