Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Filling in the Blanks

Amazing how days turn into weeks, and then even more amazing is how an entire month has become history. This  journey called Life moves on at a fast pace with seasonal changes marking time. Several hours have been spent in the _________(garden).  The first blooms of spring always prove exciting.

Yesterday was a beautiful day for my drive to Jackson for a scheduled luncheon date with two friends from college. Every time I take this route I am reminded of how young I was when I first drove my pale blue Falcon to Lambuth College. Those were the __________(days)

Alice and I
See the magazine picture on the bulletin board...that's the one I had framed.
We were really into travel posters back then. Don't know what happened to them.

Back to the present. After lunch at Rafferty's and coffee at Carriage House Antiques we had to go our separate ways. I visited Yarbro's Antiques by myself before heading homeward.

Two purchases ended up in my art space... a tiered display stand and a sugar mold. Because one vendor was closing up her booth at Yarbro's I was able to get the stand. It didn't take me long to fill it up with supplies. 

I've been looking at sugar molds for a long time. They are versatile pieces. For now mine is serving as a holder for art brushes.

I spent some of ______(todayorganizing paints, sharpening colored pencils, and rearranging odds and ends in the studio.

Well, I did create this blog post. Maybe tomorrow art. I've enjoyed filling you in on my days. Hope your days are filling up in ways you enjoy.  Talk again soon.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

I'm Out of Practice

Four of these were some I had on hand and put together as a birthday greeting for a sweet lady at my church. Time to work up some new ones.


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring is Tardy

My calendar page box said Spring for today. But I have to disagree 'cause we had chill, wind, and even a brief flurry of snow. One mild day this past week I did clean out flowerbeds. That put me in the mood for new plantings, warmer days, and flower blooms.  

I have had my head buried in a very good book that a friend loaned to me.
Unforgettable characters spanning three generations in fictitious Howbutker, Texas, will keep you turning pages.

I keep bringing home quirky one dollar finds -
a thin wooden plaque with a perfect quote, a colorful container with peculiar designs, and a paper heart of many colors. 


A few Easter decorations are out. 

I put together another small canvas.

   I've been working a little on my booth. It needs revamping.

I was hoping someone would purchase the lantern to display a cute Easter rabbit with a few eggs or maybe

buy this sweet Teena Flanner collectible.  

But so far no takers.

When I was in Texas I purchased this soft green pitcher from an antique store in the old part of Celina. The shop is a real treasure trove, and the lovely, elderly couple encourage browsing.

Well, that's a summary for this Sunday evening. Hopefully spring is just around the corner. 

Monday, March 14, 2016


Days away are refreshing, but it's wonderful to be back home. Our trip to Texas was very special because of two darling granddaughters. They are certainly worth the long drive. (Les and Pennee, too!)

On Thursday after a delicious lunch of chicken, fish, and vegetables at Babe's in Frisco, we headed to a nearby cinema to watch and enjoy Zootopia. One other stop at Stonebriar Mall completed our outing.

A children's art lesson on Friday provided a return trip to the Dallas Museum of Art.

There was an impressive exhibit by art students. Below are four of my favorites.


Of course, there were many other exhibits to see.


Two of my personal favorites were paintings by Edward Hopper
and Mary Cassatt.

We also squeezed in baking cookies, making salads, watching a home movie, ordering pizza, talking, reading books, antique shopping, working puzzles, coloring, etc. Five enjoyable days and lots of memories. 


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