Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring is Tardy

My calendar page box said Spring for today. But I have to disagree 'cause we had chill, wind, and even a brief flurry of snow. One mild day this past week I did clean out flowerbeds. That put me in the mood for new plantings, warmer days, and flower blooms.  

I have had my head buried in a very good book that a friend loaned to me.
Unforgettable characters spanning three generations in fictitious Howbutker, Texas, will keep you turning pages.

I keep bringing home quirky one dollar finds -
a thin wooden plaque with a perfect quote, a colorful container with peculiar designs, and a paper heart of many colors. 


A few Easter decorations are out. 

I put together another small canvas.

   I've been working a little on my booth. It needs revamping.

I was hoping someone would purchase the lantern to display a cute Easter rabbit with a few eggs or maybe

buy this sweet Teena Flanner collectible.  

But so far no takers.

When I was in Texas I purchased this soft green pitcher from an antique store in the old part of Celina. The shop is a real treasure trove, and the lovely, elderly couple encourage browsing.

Well, that's a summary for this Sunday evening. Hopefully spring is just around the corner. 

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