Monday, March 14, 2016


Days away are refreshing, but it's wonderful to be back home. Our trip to Texas was very special because of two darling granddaughters. They are certainly worth the long drive. (Les and Pennee, too!)

On Thursday after a delicious lunch of chicken, fish, and vegetables at Babe's in Frisco, we headed to a nearby cinema to watch and enjoy Zootopia. One other stop at Stonebriar Mall completed our outing.

A children's art lesson on Friday provided a return trip to the Dallas Museum of Art.

There was an impressive exhibit by art students. Below are four of my favorites.


Of course, there were many other exhibits to see.


Two of my personal favorites were paintings by Edward Hopper
and Mary Cassatt.

We also squeezed in baking cookies, making salads, watching a home movie, ordering pizza, talking, reading books, antique shopping, working puzzles, coloring, etc. Five enjoyable days and lots of memories. 

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