Sunday, November 27, 2011

Getting Started

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone I am starting to decorate for Christmas. Most of my decorating will be trying to use what I already have in a somewhat different way. 

I used the little cupboard to cover the hideous vent on one side of the mantel. 

   A stack of books and the framed alphabet page hide the vent on the other side. 

I love mantels and fireplaces...just not this one. However, I've learned to like it over the years 'cause it's the only one I'm ever going to have in our den in this older home...and besides I really am thankful to have a home, mantel, and holiday decorations. So I should

Wishing you merry times in the weeks ahead...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Busy Week

My mom had her 89th birthday on Monday.

Flowers, boxes of candy, cards, photo album, red blouse, black pants, two long distance phone calls, and hugs helped make it a special day  for her. 

I made it by the booth on Tuesday to check on sales. Folks may be waiting until next month for Christmas Open House discounts. 

Today it was time to prepare for tomorrow's Thanksgiving meal. Tonight I took a few pictures of the dining table...actually two identical tables that we bought to accomodate our large family.

There will be plenty of food...we usually line all the selections on the kitchen counters and stovetop. Plates are filled, and appetites are satisfied.
We are thankful to be together but miss those who are far away.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Holding Back

In our guest bedroom I put out my first little bit of Christmas. I am trying to hold off on Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. My little collection of trees won't really be noticed in the extra room. I wanted to see if I liked this grouping of very different tree styles.

Undecided about which ones to group together...will probably keep experimenting. When I start the real job of unpacking decorations after Thanksgiving, it will be a chore I love but also dislike. I'm always so impatient to get everything decorated. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In the Middle

Here it is the middle of the week, and I feel the need to write a few words. I've been busy being lazy. There was a lot of rain yesterday so I stayed inside and kept my head in a book.

Today I ventured out to see my mother, to mail ministry cards, and to buy a few more items for shoebox gifts.


Tonight at church we packed lots of shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. Can't help but wonder what little boy and girl
will open my boxes of toys and surprises.

Take care until next time. Sweet dreams!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Good Morning

Last night I got the tickets ready, and this morning over coffee I had my husband draw out a name. I promise the tickets were shuffled, and the old-fashioned reach-in was honest. When I asked him to draw out a ticket, his response was "Ticket?" However he complied. Blogs and what bloggers do are foreign to him.  


Joy, please email me your mailing address. I hope you will be pleased with what's inside the giveaway box. A sincere thank you to the other participants who left comments.   

Wishing you a glorious weekend,
Hugs, Sandy

Friday, November 11, 2011

Today's Date



Later tonight I plan to record something in my journal. I want that date in my journal...not that I did anything outstanding on this day. But I did remember our veterans and their grateful to them and thankful to be living in America.

I moved my journals from the writing desk because some of the journals were too tall to stand upright on those shelves. I lined them up in order on a bookcase shelf in the entry hall. Now they are much easier to reach. Sometimes I wish they were in the same style and color, but then again I wouldn't trade those that were gifts from either students, friends, or my own children. 

I have a few that had to go on the next shelf. It was hard to reduce my books down in order to make room for the journals, but it was time to let certain titles go. Now it's time for me to write a journal entry about my ordinary, extra pleasant day.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

The interest thus far in my giveaway has been small, but my excitement is BIG after getting the box of goodies ready for shipment. I wrapped each item this morning for a snug fit. There's still time if anyone wants to comment on My 500th Post. A name will be drawn on Saturday morning. 

I stopped by the booth and snapped a few photos to share.


From the booth I went and checked on my mother. She always looks so nice on Tuesdays because that's the day her hair is washed and styled. A sweetheart of a lady named Mona does hair appointments at the care center, and she does a terrific job week after week.

My next stops were at two shops that had Christmas Open House last weekend. I  wanted to see their Christmas trees and other decorations. It was not disappointing. To my delight there were those acorn ornaments that I searched for last year and couldn't find. I may have missed out on refreshments last weekend, but today's shopping was calm and peaceful.

On the drive home the trees were something to behold. Brillant reds, golds, and yellows were everywhere. Rust and burgundy, too. 

There is always something to make you wonder in the shape of a tree, the trembling of a leaf. 
-Albert Schweitzer

Every leaf speaks
 bliss to me,
fluttering from the
autumn tree.
-Emily Bronte

Saturday, November 5, 2011

My 500th Post!

Wow! When I started blogging, I never imagined reaching this total. Thank you to those who found me and became regular visitors. Thank you to those who peeked in every now and then. And a heartfelt thanks to those who have left encouraging comments. Thank you, friends! I hope you will leave a comment on this post to have a chance at the giveaway. It's a way to celebrate our shared time here at Bits and Pieces.

The winner will be announced next Saturday.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Preview Continued

 These new stamps could be used for scrapbooking or cardmaking. 

This miniature Windsor chair is from my booth.

these two tag sets plus a package of plain tags

I do hope you see something you like. Please come by tomorrow and help me celebrate my 500th post.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I am almost to my 500th post. Therefore, I'm planning my second giveaway.  Thus far I've gathered  

   a glass jar that holds clothespins...a few are decorated. The paper rose is made from a coffee filter and crafted by my friend Mary. I've attached a holiday key ornament with the word JOY.
The bird has autumn colors for November and a place to burn a candle.

There's a 2012 Susan Branch Heart of the Home calendar, rubber stamps, and a supply of tags.

More giveaway pictures tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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