Friday, November 11, 2011

Today's Date



Later tonight I plan to record something in my journal. I want that date in my journal...not that I did anything outstanding on this day. But I did remember our veterans and their grateful to them and thankful to be living in America.

I moved my journals from the writing desk because some of the journals were too tall to stand upright on those shelves. I lined them up in order on a bookcase shelf in the entry hall. Now they are much easier to reach. Sometimes I wish they were in the same style and color, but then again I wouldn't trade those that were gifts from either students, friends, or my own children. 

I have a few that had to go on the next shelf. It was hard to reduce my books down in order to make room for the journals, but it was time to let certain titles go. Now it's time for me to write a journal entry about my ordinary, extra pleasant day.

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