Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Busy Week

My mom had her 89th birthday on Monday.

Flowers, boxes of candy, cards, photo album, red blouse, black pants, two long distance phone calls, and hugs helped make it a special day  for her. 

I made it by the booth on Tuesday to check on sales. Folks may be waiting until next month for Christmas Open House discounts. 

Today it was time to prepare for tomorrow's Thanksgiving meal. Tonight I took a few pictures of the dining table...actually two identical tables that we bought to accomodate our large family.

There will be plenty of food...we usually line all the selections on the kitchen counters and stovetop. Plates are filled, and appetites are satisfied.
We are thankful to be together but miss those who are far away.


1 comment:

Joy said...

Happy Birthday to your mom...she looks lovely, as do your table and booth!! May you have the best Thanksgiving ever.


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