Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Visitors

The porch light is off. The candles are blown out. Halloween 2014 is history.
Thankfully there are pictures to save these special occasions, for childhood days pass quickly and soon this stage of life is gone forever.

October's Night of Fun

 Sure signs of autumn are when our big tree changes its color and when leaves start to carpet the ground. 



When I taught  third graders, we would make a booklet of poems.

I Like Ghosts

                                                       I like ghosts and witches
                                                       And creepy-crawly things 
                                                       I even like bats that fly
 On sweepy-swoopy wings.
               I like all the screams and shrieks
                                                       Of things that can't be seen.
     I like all those scary things.
                                                                                          -Laura Arlon


                                                        Witches flying,
                                                        Goblins crying,
                                                        Dogs howling,
                                                        Cats prowling,
                                                        Jack-o'-lanterns glowing,
                                                        A chilly wind blowing,
                                                        Ghosts booing,
                                                        Owls hooting,
                                                        Old folks treating,
                                                        Children eating:
                                                        This is Halloween!
                                                                                            -Connie Frieburg

Are you ready for October's special night? 

                                              Have Fun!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Squeezing In What You Love

Weekend Pleasures

Watching three and four year olds play soccer was a delightful escape. Thank you, Lucas, for making Saturday morning extra special.

Sunday was spent (1) at morning church service (2) afternoon visit with my mother (3) evening escape with art supplies.  

Washi tapes

Styrofoam meat trays




 Love From Time of Birth

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Disappearing Days

October is getting away. 

Almost every day I come here to see my mother.

Almost every night I spend some time in this spot.

Faithful owl came back.

This year he's resting in the hallway hutch.

 Walmart had reduced their large pumpkins to $2.50. I chose a nice fat one for the front doorstep. Right now I have no idea what I want to carve into it...0r if   there will be time to do a jack-o'-lantern. So much depends on my mother. These are stressful days, but October is as beautiful as ever.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Each New Day

I'm thankful for fresh starts in the morning. This set of 3 greets me each day.

 inspiring reminders

 the date to change


 Morning coffee helps to wake up the mind and body. At least it does mine.

Debbie Mumm             Sherri Buck Baldwin

Like to see these artistic mugs up in the cabinet, but actually use a plainer one for my two morning cups of coffee.

Tomorrow is a new day. I'm glad. Let's enjoy Saturday.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


I have spent several evenings rereading journal entries from the past. I am amazed by the many days and experiences that come back alive through the wonder of pen and paper. So much I would have forgotten if not for my journals. 

I've also been looking through past magazine issues to get some decorating ideas for the holidays. My Pinterest board Holiday and Seasonal Decorating is chocked full of ideas. But will I even get motivated enough to do any of them? With a loved one in hospice care, sadness and depression spoil autumn days. I find myself thinking about death, burial, and afterlife...waiting for news I don't want to hear.

It helps to go treasure hunting in order to relieve stress and lessen sadness. Recent finds were Christmas ornaments, wooden spool with yards of decorative ribbon, a set of holiday stamps, unique earrings, and a coffee mug with lovely art.

I visited my own booth today to do some rearranging and decided to bring back home a sweet cream planter. It's been sitting there for months...unloved and unwanted. But I have plans for it come Christmas due to something I saw on Pinterest.

My Grace is sufficient for you,
for my power is made perfect in weakness.

2 Corinthians 12:9

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Snatches of Everyday Life

MHS Marching Band

October is a big football month around here. Whether it's at the high school in Munford or on several television channels, my husband makes sure we are exposed to a lot of football. Over the years I have grown to like this sport, too.

Our den is a favorite room for putting feet up and relaxing.

There's one soap opera that has me hooked. 
(The Bold and the Beautiful)

A Pinterest journaling page idea had me searching for snippets that I glued to a small canvas. 

tiny marvel outdoors

Indoors I'm always trying out new vignettes.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lovely October

Had to show off these cuties. 

Sugar surprised us with more adorable kittens. 

Lovely day for me. Here's why.

 I had a precious visit with my mother, especially since our time together may   be only weeks. Today I heard the sweet words, "I love you, too."

 Mailed an anniversary card to a dear couple in their eighties.

 At Plantation Antiques found two bargain paperbacks to add to my winter   
 reading pile.

 Ordered double cheeseburgers for bring home lunch.

 Had a pleasant telephone chat with a special friend. So good to hear her voice.

 Sat outside and read. 


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