Thursday, October 16, 2014


I have spent several evenings rereading journal entries from the past. I am amazed by the many days and experiences that come back alive through the wonder of pen and paper. So much I would have forgotten if not for my journals. 

I've also been looking through past magazine issues to get some decorating ideas for the holidays. My Pinterest board Holiday and Seasonal Decorating is chocked full of ideas. But will I even get motivated enough to do any of them? With a loved one in hospice care, sadness and depression spoil autumn days. I find myself thinking about death, burial, and afterlife...waiting for news I don't want to hear.

It helps to go treasure hunting in order to relieve stress and lessen sadness. Recent finds were Christmas ornaments, wooden spool with yards of decorative ribbon, a set of holiday stamps, unique earrings, and a coffee mug with lovely art.

I visited my own booth today to do some rearranging and decided to bring back home a sweet cream planter. It's been sitting there for months...unloved and unwanted. But I have plans for it come Christmas due to something I saw on Pinterest.

My Grace is sufficient for you,
for my power is made perfect in weakness.

2 Corinthians 12:9

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