Monday, April 28, 2014

Dear April

This dear month will soon be gone. Unbelievable!

Every year I seem to enjoy gardening more and more. I've been working on flowerbeds and planters during April.
Corkey and I had a wonderful getaway day in Savannah, Tennessee. We met friends at Hagy's Catfish Hotel Restaurant on the Tennessee River.


I spent some time with my mother on this rainy Monday. Quiet moments looking out her window...a squirrel digging, a robin capturing a worm, raindrops hitting puddles of water.
I miss the talks we used to have. I miss her ready smiles. I miss her intelligence, her drive, her personality.
A few days ago someone who had known Mother called her a "firecracker." The term made me smile.
There are days now when she can't remember my name, but no matter, for she is my precious Mom.  Dear April...    

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Look Back

This morning I had a friend request on Facebook. I clicked on the message that had been sent to me at the same time. It was from a former student of mine. Our paths crossed in 1973. Her kind remembrances of me and fourth grade made my day. She expressed how it seemed so long ago and yet also seemed like yesterday.
I can't help but wonder what became of these individuals. Did their dreams and plans for the future come true? I hope so.
I know some of my own dreams did not go according to plan , but new ones took their place.  

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Some things we would never think of giving up. They have special meaning while we enjoy this earthly life. Their value is often largely sentimental. Other possessions come and go. Our tastes change. Our decorating takes on a different look. Do you have keepers? I know I do!

Some of my keepers would be family pictures, journals,
well-loved books, oil paintings, furniture pieces with family connections or a story attached to them, handwritten letters and cards, special statues and figurines.

In the next life there will be no need of earthly possessions. I'd like to think that a few of my personal things would end up in good hands.

Happy Easter

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

One Day at a Time

Hello...and just a few pictures tonight to let you know I am still around.

The past few days have been upsetting due to Mother's declining physical and mental health. Hospice care was started the first week of March, and there have been dramatic up and down days.

Grandsons like first grader Nicolas help reduce the stress and keep us smiling during these difficult days.

We are changing the look of our front porch. Son Jason has done a marvelous job on the columns.

Until next time...

Keep Calm and Welcome Spring 
xo, Sandy

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I wanted to write about today's happening while it's fresh on my mind. A few days ago I spotted a painting at the Goodwill store that I almost bought. I liked the colors, subject matter, and name, place, and date on the back, but didn't want to pay the ticket price even though it was reasonable. Stopping by the store today to check on that one painting, I headed to the back wall of shelves. It was gone. I even surveyed the assortment of framed pictures two times, looking carefully for it. Oh well, I knew I had missed my chance. I spent time looking over the other aisles stocked with dishes, books, knickknacks, etc. And then something eerie happened. I had returned to the aisle with photo frames and happened to glance at the back wall. The painting was there! And in the very same location where I had first spotted it. This time I took that painting to the front register and even inquired about a small discount which was granted. 


With the frame removed I was able to place it on the hutch. 


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Can't Believe It's Already April

As I did some spring cleaning today, I changed out a few decorations. Three marble eggs nestle up against this rather distinguished rabbit. 

Scoops in the kitchen windowsill house rabbits and eggs.  

Grapevine wreath shelters these eggs that were blown out, decorated, and saved from previous years.   

 Treasured egg it brings  
back dear memories from past Easters 
It's getting late, and my rigorous cleaning day is catching up with me.
Sweet Dreams 


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