Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I wanted to write about today's happening while it's fresh on my mind. A few days ago I spotted a painting at the Goodwill store that I almost bought. I liked the colors, subject matter, and name, place, and date on the back, but didn't want to pay the ticket price even though it was reasonable. Stopping by the store today to check on that one painting, I headed to the back wall of shelves. It was gone. I even surveyed the assortment of framed pictures two times, looking carefully for it. Oh well, I knew I had missed my chance. I spent time looking over the other aisles stocked with dishes, books, knickknacks, etc. And then something eerie happened. I had returned to the aisle with photo frames and happened to glance at the back wall. The painting was there! And in the very same location where I had first spotted it. This time I took that painting to the front register and even inquired about a small discount which was granted. 


With the frame removed I was able to place it on the hutch. 


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