Saturday, November 12, 2011

Good Morning

Last night I got the tickets ready, and this morning over coffee I had my husband draw out a name. I promise the tickets were shuffled, and the old-fashioned reach-in was honest. When I asked him to draw out a ticket, his response was "Ticket?" However he complied. Blogs and what bloggers do are foreign to him.  


Joy, please email me your mailing address. I hope you will be pleased with what's inside the giveaway box. A sincere thank you to the other participants who left comments.   

Wishing you a glorious weekend,
Hugs, Sandy


Joy said...

Love the look of your blog and your Fall acorns. Happy Weekend!

Andrea said...

Oh so happy my buddy won the giveaway you had, she's a dear one and will treasure it!

Love all of your acorns :)


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