Friday, August 14, 2015

My Kind of Day

A pretty day required getting out of the house. I decided to check out this flea market. It had lots of stuff. After circling the booths two times I came away with three small finds - an odd-shaped vintage glass jar with zinc lid, a Baldwin candlestick, and a charming Ashleigh Manor picture frame that I almost overlooked. 

Next I decided to check on my own booth in Millington.

It's just not possible to hang on to everything. I like this bowl and pitcher because there's a memory connected to it, but it just doesn't look right in my home. One year my dad and I shopped together to find something for my mother's birthday. We chose the bowl and pitcher for her, and she happily displayed it for years on a small antique table in the bedroom.

This portrait hangs in another vendor's booth. I look for the lady in red every time I go by. One day she won't be there, and I will miss her.

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