Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Maybe in May

It's rather interesting to see what sells from month to month. You just never know which items will be picked by shoppers. Sometimes things are snapped up right away while others sit on a shelf for a long, long time.  

Years ago my first collections were baskets and tins. These days I search for pottery, oil paintings, and unique picture frames for family photos.

Some characters stay in your mind long after you finish a book. Ridley Cooper and Olivia Aberdeen are the central characters in this post Civil War novel. The setting is Nashville's Historic Belle Meade Plantation. Maybe my next book will be as enjoyable.


Some decorative decisions make you continually happy. So glad I didn't pass this rug up. Thank you, Tuesday Morning! Every day for years I've enjoyed its rich colors...my favorites...brown, rust, green, and gold. Maybe there's another exciting find awaiting me in May.    

Maybe the weather will be pleasant this weekend. My brother and I are taking a trip to see Indiana relatives.

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mary Eldred said...

I always enjoy pictures of your booth. I look for things I wish I had. There was some clear bottles that look interesting and some metal containers. I also love the round rug. It was a great addition and will always be a classic.
would love to read the book you just finished!!


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