Saturday, May 20, 2017

Lazy Saturday Schedule

 No plans for today. Letting the day unfold on its own.
 And so far it's off to a lovely start. 

 First, a wonderful phone conversation with a dear friend.

 Secondly, two banana nut breads turned out just like the recipe said they       would. I had clipped a recipe from Tuesday's Commercial Appeal and tried it this very morning. 
 Corkey and Jason sampled the cake before it had a chance to cool. They gave their approval.

I sampled the banana bread after our simple lunch of bologna, tomato, and pickle sandwiches. YUMMY! Actually it tasted identical to a family recipe I have used. But this newspaper recipe required no buttermilk.

Now I'm writing this blog post.  Later I plan to read.

Below is my newest flower painting. I hung it on a wall all by itself.

Recently at our Goodwill Bargain Center I picked up a couple of old books for a dollar each. I placed them under the wooden bowl I found in Indiana. The one has a beautiful cover.

Happy Saturday!

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