Friday, November 22, 2013


I know many are remembering on this date about that fateful day in 1963. Lined notebook paper inside a folder was my journal back then, and from my journal I know for sure where I was on that day. During fifth period biology class a girl came to our room and told us that on the radio it had been announced that President Kennedy had been shot. Those in the class thought she was kidding and did not believe her. Our teacher Mr. Chatham said if it was true it was a terrible tragedy. We began class again. Mr. Chatham continued by  explaining something at the board. Soon we noticed numerous students and several teachers in the hallway. Then the truth was realized, but it still seemed impossible. But an even greater blow was received a short time later in sixth period band. It was learned that John F. Kennedy had died. That day fifty years ago was a turning point in America's history.

 It is a bit strange to read about your life at realize your parents were in their prime. Fifty years have come and gone...that seems impossible, too.

Yesterday my mother turned
ninety-one. I wish she could remember
all of her accomplishments and experiences.


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