Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Changing Seasons

Hello, FALL! How nice to have you back!

Thank you for bringing the coolness.
I wore a light sweater for the first time yesterday. I was out and about stopping by Goodwill, visiting my mother at the nursing home, and finally checking my booth. I always find it exciting to see what things are no longer on the shelves.  
Today I stayed home.

  • cleaned a bookcase to hold photo albums
  • prepared chef salads for lunch
  • made ministry cards for this week
  • got around to a blog post

This bookcase is not that handsome, but it is serving a purpose. The albums contain pictures from different periods of my life. Talk about a walk down memory lane...


These sweet potatoes were delivered to our door. We had placed an order because my husband likes to get an early start on holiday cooking. Corkey's dressing and sweet potatoes are family favorites. A church member had gone
to Mississippi to get a truckload of orders.
It won't be long before the holidays will be upon us.
I'm forever moving items around here at the house. I think it probably drives my husband crazy. Not big pieces like furniture...just decorative pieces. 
I hope your corner of the world is peaceful.
We must strive to be joyful in spite of heartaches, problems, and tough times. 

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