Friday, October 11, 2013

Tired Eyes

Had perfect weather for a driving excursion to Jackson, TN, my old stomping grounds from college days. Met two friends for lunch at Rafferty's. We ordered our usual-delicious combination of soup and house salad served with a croissant. This time we didn't get to shop together. One friend had an afternoon doctor's appointment, and the other had Old Hickory Mall shopping to do. I had free time to check out two of my favorite places in Jackson. 

There was no way to see it all, but I sure tried. Therefore, very tired eyes! Fall displays were inside the stores and also on the roads I traveled. Brownsville and Covington with their historic homes and town squares made my trip extra enjoyable.  

Well, it's time to put these aging eyes to bed. When I count my blessings, eyesight is certainly one of them.

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