Wednesday, October 23, 2013


You know that saying "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." Well, to fill you in, my mom fell in the early morning hours last Friday, requiring surgery late that afternoon. She broke the femur bone near her right hip and fractured her right wrist, too. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday we waited while she was recovered from the anesthesia. On Tuesday her eyes opened, and she asked, "What happened to me?" Those were four of the dearest words I've ever heard. Mother also spoke my name.

She is back at the nursing home and doing as well as possible with her injuries. We know from the orthopedic surgeon that the outlook is not good for someone her age and also with Alzheimer's. But she continues to amaze. 

Today she talked many times about going home. I finally asked, "Do you mean your heavenly home?" She promptly said, "No, I'm not ready to go there yet!"

Many on the staff came by to welcome her back. She kept them smiling with her remarks. Hopefully pain control and comfort management will keep Mother's spirits up.  

And so life goes on...

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