Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fade Away

I am realizing that many memories I have will fade away with me...because they are only significant to me. Some of my very own past history is foggy. For instance, the name and face of the playmate who gave me this little Blue Willow plate are long forgotten. She and I were casual acquaintances long ago in Eunice, Louisiana. She lived down the street from me, and our circumstances were very different. My parents were renting a small house since our stay in Eunice was temporary. I vaguely remember playing outside a large rundown house and that the yard was bare dirt.  Odd that she bestowed upon me this treasure. She must have had a very generous spirit.    

To this day it bugs me that I can't remember the person who shared this with me.  Will all the loose ends one day connect? Will all the details of one's life story be pieced together for a true composite of what took place? 
Hopefully the names, places, and experiences I do remember will stay with me. Alzheimer's is a robber of memories. Huge pieces have been taken from my mother's life story. To remember is not possible for her anymore. But she continues to be my one and only Mom, lovely and charming as ever.


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