Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back to the Shops

Sometimes you are unable to get something off your mind. That's the way I was about the mirror I spotted in January. My friend Linda and I had a shopping day so guess where I headed my car. The mirror was still there, but it did not have quite the same power over me. I believe this second trip to check it out will put my mind at rest. A clock I had admired on my previous visit had a sale sticker on it. This older steeple clock had been converted to a battery-operated one. Reduced from thirty dollars to eighteen. I was thrilled to get it home, find a place for it on the hutch, see it keeping perfect time with the pendulum swinging, and have my husband like it.  

Besides the clock I brought home a small cloth box and a pewter-looking compote.

Picture it with a white doily and red Valentine candies.

Browsing and treasure hunting...the best sort of therapy.   

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