Monday, March 2, 2015

A March Hello

Today was a major errand day since white stuff is in the forecast for Tuesday night and Wednesday. 

Had a fine ride to Hobby Lobby this morning. Loving my new Jeep Cherokee more and more but still miss the older Jeep Liberty I drove for years. What fun to use my Christmas gift card from Lauren! 

After a soup and salad lunch at home Corkey and I decided to pay a few bills this afternoon. In the car we received a wonderful cell phone call from Lester.He's now Dr. Clowes! He successfully defended his dissertation in the field of education at the University of Southern California. We're definitely proud of his accomplishment. 

Did you see Downton Abbey's final episode of the season? Ah, Christmas in March. Loved it! 

1 comment:

Joy said...

Happy March to you my friend. How are you? I'm trying to accomplish something note worthy every day as well as take care of my love. As you know, each day is a new day of learning.

Be well!


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