Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Days

We made weekend memories in Texas. Time with Les and Pennee, Lauren, and  little Kiera and Chloe was time well spent. 

Les gave us a tour of Fusion Academy where he is the director. It's an amazing
facility with classrooms, homework cafes, recording studio, science lab, art room, and offices. A second floor was recently completed.

A mall visit included a photo session that was a complete surprise, sweet shop with all kinds of goodies, and the bookstore. Les and Pennee presented us with a framed portrait of Corkey and me with our granddaughters Kiera and Chloe. The girls were adorable in their colorful outfits. 

While at their lovely home I snapped picture after picture of the girls. Kiera loves to dress up; Chloe not so much. 

Pennee and I worked on Easter pictures with the girls. Kiera's hand and toe prints are in pink, and Chloe's are white. Kiera's foot was also painted for the carrot. The project required a couple of sessions due to drying stages.

 Suggestions and assistance on the gallery art wall may have helped Pennee and Les get a little closer to completion. When it is finished, it will be an eye-catching display near the kitchen breakfast area.

Lauren adores her nieces, and they love the attention she gives them. 

Time with family is priceless.

Hope you had a happy weekend with family, too. Until next time, be well.

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