Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Kitchen Organization

Even though our kitchen is small, I like to decorate within it. It is challenging to work in the nonessentials with the necessary. I've also been cleaning out messy cabinets and drawers, rearranging, and organizing

 I like coffee and coffee cups and mugs. You cannot see them clearly in this photo, but I have some green ones from the seventies.

Plastic tops and bottoms are paired for the time being.

 Bamboo tray is holding vitamins and a few medicines.
Wood tray corrals measuring cups and spoons.

Everyday silverware from Walmart is a new purchase.
The green handles won me over!

The three tier stand beside the refrigerator is put to good use. The wooden bowl has a variety of candy for grandkids and grownups, the basket has napkins and Kleenex, and the tan round bowl is where I keep onions.

By the door that leads to the garage I have two picnic baskets that hold supplies like paper towels. The wood box from my Indiana trip keeps my sunglasses handy, and the Coffee House sign does the same for my keys.

If you were here, I'd offer you a cup of coffee or something else.
Hope my kitchen tour was not too boring. It's certainly not a dream kitchen, but it's a homey space. 


mary Eldred said...

Can't believe anything in your house gets messy! I don't drink coffee but would love a visit. Maybe soon.

BitsAndPieces said...

Would love a visit!!


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