Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Snippets

I added a little accessory to my desk...this small brass basket. It was dark and dingy when I bought it for a dollar. Now it glistens ready to hold rubber bands, paper clips, or stamps. 

The other small brass basket I've had for years. Now I'm on the lookout for that third one. 
In the new Flea Market Style magazine Ki Nassauer has this question on the editorial page, "What is a collection?" She writes,
"Some folks say it's at least three of an item, while others say it's five or more. I think you have a collection when you absolutely, positively know you want more of a certain thing, whether it's vintage ironstone or old canning jars. It's when just one simply won't do." 
Today I may have spurred a little one toward the collecting bug. Instead of a bow I attached a set of keys to his birthday gift.
I added this small volume to my book collection. Loved it! It makes you think about family and the chances we miss. 
 I'm not going to miss this chance to say thank you for coming by Bits and Pieces. I'm happy that you were here.

1 comment:

Joy said...

One can never add too many to a collection. Hope the birthday gift start the collecting bug;)


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