Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Displays

Since the calendar turned to lovely April, I thought I'd share a few spring decorations at my house. Hope you are able to take away a tiny bit of inspiration. Oh, by the way, the sand and glitter technique for Easter eggs demonstrated by Tracy Porter is beautiful. I love the result! I'll try to post a picture soon. Have a great first Wednesday in this new month of promise.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy...I really liked the house in the previous post! all your eggs together
...will be waiting to see the pics of the glitter/sand eggs.. Tracy Porter has a neat website..but I can't see the videos
..HaPPY SpRiNg to YOU! :)


SPRING has definitely SPRUNG! Closets are being cleaned out, flowers are being planted, everyone’s ready to freshen up. We’re all changing our ‘look” to welcome in a new season, now’s the perfect time to think of freshen up our homes as well.

Here’s an easy tip from the latest in home decorating: Instead of the tiresome business of slapping a new coat of paint on the walls, how about a quick and easy approach – new Wall Art ! Now that’s the way to go. Set the mood in a jiffy by finding just the right personal touch. It’s an easy way to rev up, revitalize or completely make over the look and feel of any room. So toss out that paintbrush and start hanging! … Just in time to show off the new you for Spring.

Start fresh with a blank wall or complement the old with the new. If you‘re not sure of how to place your art on the wall here’s another nifty trick – try laying it all out on the floor first, until you find a pattern that works, then hang it up. Keep your artwork at eye level. A common mistake in hanging is to place it too high. And consider if the room you are decorating is a room where you will mostly be seated, eye level should be lower.

If you are considering color choices, warm colors are getting the decorator’s nod this year. Rich chocolates, shades of gold and wood tones create walls that say “This is the perfect place to curl up with a good book and an iced coffee”.

If you’re into cool colors for your freshen up project, hydrangea blue gives rooms a crisp, clean look. White stripes, pale plaids and floral patterns make rooms happy and upbeat. This mix of colors brings the newness of spring inside. Then add a personal touch of elegance with framed black & white photos and you’ve got the perfect setting for a real family sit-down meal!

Before the tulips have poked their heads up from under the soil, you can have a new look that is “fresh as a daisy” It doesn’t take a lot of time, a large budget or new piece of furniture to get fantastic results. The walls will speak for themselves. Fabulous!

Need further inspiration and ideas? Check out,, for uniquely personal makeovers of the wall art variety. Now if only someone would help with the garden…

by T. Miller
D├ęcor Tips & Quips from AlphabetPIX

Create your own personalized name art with Photos That Look Like Letters at !


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