Sunday, April 19, 2009

A few favorites

favorite buy from Tuesday Morning

favorite colors on washstand tile

Old books, pitchers, and oil paintings are a few of my favorite things.

favorite sculpture

I was home strolling through my own house...counting my blessings...enjoying those things that personalize a home.
I'll leave you with these two quotes-
"Decorating takes patience, but there's joy in finding what speaks to you." Susan Fox
"These are my treasures, and I love them all...they fill my home with mirth."
George E. Davenport

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Hi Sandy,

Love the pictures you share...
esp. that rug! Tues. Morn. has had some great sales on rugs lately. We've had to purchase so many things since we've moved, for this house, that I haven't been able to get some new ones yet, but I do love the round ones very much and want one for the entry way or in front of the fireplace.'re so's those little things that fill our home and make us mother just gave me back some things I'd given her many years ago, they really mean a lot to me, although they are not worth much monitarily. Know what I mean?

Hugs to you girlfriend...


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